50LBS of Rice: September 26, 2011

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite Vietnamese desserts; it’s called Che Chuoi. It’s bananas, sago pearls, and mystery ingredients in a sweet coconut based cream. Usually, it is served with peanuts. Despite its strange appearance, the dessert is quite yummy! I am not sure how to describe its texture or flavor, but for certain it has a strong banana flavor and is extremely sweet. I forgot to take a picture of it again, so here is a generic internet pic of this deliciousness (next week I will make sure to take a picture):

Che Chuoi served with Peanuts

Here is the set for today’s show September 26, 2011:

  1. 6:03 PM Orochi by Kojki off the album Kitaro
  2. 6:11 PM “Using the Correction Tape” (bad English Translation) by Jay Chou off the movie soundtrack Secret
  3. 6:12 PM Secret by Jay Chou off the movie soundtrack Secret
  4. 6:15 PM  (Unknown track from Gurren Lagaan)
  5. 6:20 PM The Moon is High in the Sky off An Anthology of Chinese Traditional and Folk Music
  6. 6:24 PM “Romantic House” (Another Bad English Translation) by Rain off the hit T.V. show Full House ( Not the American version, yes it is another bad English Translation)
  7. 6:30 PM Yuudachi off the Album Taiko Drum:Music of Japan
  8. 6:38 PM “Tell Me” (Another Bad English Translation) by Qizhen Chen
  9. 6:43 PM (Unreadable Khmer Track) Track 5 off the album Khmer for Khmer
  10. 6:45 PM If You Knew by Lihong Wang off the album Only
  11. 6:50 PM Cambodian Flute by Stephen Addiss and Bill Crofut off the album 400 Years of Folk Music
  12. 6:51 PM C’est La Vie by Jingru Liang off the album Chong Bai
  13. 6:58 PM Blue Basket off the album Cambodian Cassette