Qurious 9/28

Qurious (recently voted Atlanta’s Best Ambient Composers by Creative Loafing) joined us last night for a session!

Qurious is not so much a band as it is a vessel. A vessel transports you into the dark far reaches of space and back, in an attempt to impart in their listeners a new-found, alien third-person perspective on the world and the infinite natural beauty that surrounds. Such a voyage is fueled through the production of ethereal musical landscapes constructed with hypnotizing vocal melodies, dance-inducing synthesizers, and found-samples gathered along the way. Your guides/abductors for this trek are a duo composed of one part singer/songwriter Catherine Quesenberry with a specialty in vocals, korg, and a secret weapon, and one part Mike Netland, engineer of samples, beats, and robo-phonetics. They’re coming to your planet, to your venues, to your homes. Their songs will draw you in like a sound-wave tractor beam. Don’t be scared though. They’re just Qurious.

Check out their new video!

Download their albums for free: http://qurious.bandcamp.com/.