What’s Update

Lot’s of really cool events on the upcoming concert calendar. For starters (and sorry this is a little behind, but, hey), the Atlanta Funk Society has been back at their old stomping grounds, The Five Spot, down in L5P, and doing it swell the past couple of Monday nights. This revue has been around the block, but has added some new classics to their repertoire, such as a very jamming version of Stevie Wonder’s Contusion. Old standbys from James Brown, Ohio Players, and Heatwave are still up their sleeves. In addition to the new tracks, they’ve added some new constituents with a full horn section and extended rhythm section, they’re sporting a 10-piece look on stage. The crowd has been pretty hype, too, so hopefully they can parlay it into a more regular gig, as they play out the rest of the Mondays in July.

And that’s just getting us started… The rest of the concert calendar, aka, What’s Up with What’s Going Down looks like this for the coming weeks:

I Feel like there’s tons more to update you on, since its been so long, but my mind escapes me sometimes. Stay tuned to this space for updates and hopefully a posted playlist for this week’s show.