That Funky Uncle and Other Announcements

Alright, it appears that I may have bit off more than I could chew in keeping this blog thing up to date. The good news is Facebook has changed their group configuration, making it much harder to locate all of the Electric Boogaloo-approved events for our weekly What’s Up with What’s Going Down. Thus, I think I may abandon the group and make those posts here instead. At the least, I’ll list them here weekly, and try to make more frequent posts here to keep you attuned to the goings on about town as well as what is coming up on the Boogaloo.

That said, we’ve got some special guests coming on this week’s (5/19//11) show. Jeff Jeswald and Brian Didsbury of Uncle Joe’s Medicine Show will be joining us. They’ve got a gig this weekend at The Five Spot, where they’ll be opening for Asheville’s own, Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band. I’m unofficially dubbing it the Booty Medicine tour, 2011! This show is going to be slamming, so make sure you tune in for a chance to win tickets as well as to hear some funky ass music. And if you don’t win free tickets, keep it in mind, as it should surely get the hips moving of all in attendance.

Lots of other good shows coming up in the near future, so here is What’s Up with What’s Going Down in A-town:
Stay tuned for more announcements in the near future, and be sure to keep it fonkay!