No Boogie Last Night. Loads of Soul Tonight!

Much to the dismay of dozens, The Electric Boogaloo was not heard last night, due to an extended Georgia Tech Baseball broadcast. The Jackets did us solid by winning 6-5 in 15 innings, but they ran over the funk, finishing the game after midnight. We’ll be extra dirty next week. Promise.

That said, we didn’t get a chance to talk (on-air, anyway) with our scheduled guest, friend of the show and bassmaster (not the fishing kind) Mr. Kevin Scott, late of Soulphonics and current of Atlanta Funk Society. I did get to chat with him in studio while waiting out the diamond duel, and he’s definitely staying busy. Lots of new Funk Society covers in the work, still playing with Col. Bruce regularly, re-locating his domicile/recording lab from Little 5 to Reynoldstown, among other things.

He’ll be playing with AFS as well as old mates The Soulphonics (w Ruby Velle, of course) TONIGHT, Friday May 27 as part of the Atlanta All-Star Soul Revue out at the EARL. That’s what would have headlined the “What’s Up With What’s Going Down” portion of the program if, you know, we actually had a program last night. Oh well. Until next week, vibe on some Grooveline by AFS and check out the rest of the events listed below.

Here is What’s Up With What’s Going Down in Atlanta coming up. Some nice shows this weekend: