100 wreks

Wednesday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Genres: Hyperpop, Digicore, Breakcore, PC Music, Nightcore
Host: Renny Hyde

Inspired by renowned music duo 100 gecs, 100 wreks presents hyperpop, an emerging genre characterized by pitched vocals, maximalist synths, and a willingness to embrace the spirit of pop music in all its extremes. Tune in for a dose of pure energy from the best independent pop artists the digital underground has to offer.

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100 wreks #25 – Covers Week!!!

It’s covers week on 100 wreks! The original artist of every song is listed in brackets :-]

Soundcloud playlist (here) and tracklist:

Kiss Me Thru The Phone – That Kid [Soulja Boy]
hand crushed by a mallet – Misaku Foxx [100 gecs]
i finally understand – diana starshine + JEL: THE DIGITAL DREAM GIRL [Charli XCX]

lovestory – SEBII [Taylor Swift]
CALCIUM – lucas lex [Ecco2k]
Silver – Astra King [A. G. Cook]

whats my age again – Saoirse Dream [Jane Remover]
800db Cloud – Can of Bliss [100 gecs]
CLAWS – Alice Gas + Himera [Charli XCX]

It’s Okay To Cry – Petal Supply [SOPHIE]
Just Like We Never Said Goodbye – umru [SOPHIE]
i could wait right here forever <3 – mental [福原 遥]

sweater weather – Kon + yungblasian + plugp + ami [The Neighbourhood]
teenage dirtbag – dsiboys [Wheatus]
SAD MACHINE – six impala [Porter Robinson]

Snow Globe – Himera + Petal Supply + Gupi [Dux Content]
be nice to me – lucas lex [Bladee]

Kyoto – Glitch Gum [Phoebe Bridgers]

100 wreks #24 – September 14, 2022

100 wreks is excited to bring you another week of energetic cuts from the underground soundcloud pop scene!


i spy (feat. Left at London) – DJ Re:Code
0M61LY5M – webcage
No Distance (Acounta Remix) – audio bambino

this will surely put an end to my abuse of underscores acapellas 2 – user-177606669
before i catch a little more in my mouth – user-177606669
source – gabby start

here n yr armzz ( ハードコア リミックス) – technopagan
takemeawaypls.wav (INTO THE NIGHTCORE) – purity://filter
Silent Night – Dreamcatcher

paralyzed – senses (prod. elxnce + cymric)
don’t wait 2 long (pls)
nomore – saoirse dream

I Crave It – orchid (prod. Simply Funk)
another night (onlytom remix) – oklou

Kiss (feat. Hannah Diamond) – Himera

100 wreks #23

Thanks for tuning in!! Here’s tonight’s tracklist:

Rubber Ball ♩ Wooden Horse ♩ Magic Wand ♩ Building Blocks – Himera

Nautilus Shell Hoarding (w/ Ari Liloia) – plastic pet
Canopus – DJH

Locket (Dan Larkin’s Hardcore Heaven Edit) – AVA AKIRA
Hard (A. G. Cook Edit) – SOPHIE
what makes you feel alive – DJ eSPORTS

Newheart (MURDER CLUB REMIX) – Petal Supply x Tuchscreen
Piece of Me – Mary Arcane
i wanna know what it feels like [Caroline Polachek, Slick Shoota, dj lostboi] – MICHAELBRAILEY

Faint (feat. Instupendo) – Himera
Acoustic Nightcore – Kogarashi
silver – trndytrndy

cave in (Alice Gas Flip) – Owl City
Vanilla Twilight (weird JUNGLE EDIT) – Owl City
Broken Fireflies Bracelet (moonlit winds Mashup) – Owl City x Himera

Good Night, I Hope The Future Brings You Only The Best! – Himera

100 wreks #22 – August 31, 2022

Excited to be back in the station for another great semester of 100 wreks! You can find the show on instagram now at @100wreks, I’ll be posting frequently on there with fun updates and content 🙂 hope you enjoyed tonight’s show!  -DJ Snootles

Tracklist + soundcloud link:

Drive (bean boy Remix) – Aadi Rip
Wishing Well – 99jakes + Alice Gas
I Could Die (DJ Animebby Edit) – Namasenda

Always – Bloom OS
FARAWAY199X/TAPE 2 – six impala
heart2 (feat. Rebecca Balack)[Low Poly Remix] – umru, Petal Supply

muffled words – st jimmy (prod. st jimmy + ryo)
model (feat. mental) – blxty (prod. jj x miguel)
what i want – senses (prod. jj + miguel)

lovebite – memorie (prod. mili)
003 Zoom – Bby Eco
gold – Planet 1999

Umbrella – Himera
GT YR WSH – djx [via weird nxc]
Tagawa 3000 – Golin [via AQNB]

Care – Himera [via AVYSS]
Taco (feat. Tohji) – Himera [via unseelie]
crystalised v2.0 – Guard + Maria Domark
Som Jag – DJ Billybool + Bladee

Wish Upon A Lonely Star – User2222 + ANDREW GOES TO HELL [via AQNB]

100 wreks #20- July 9, 2022


Planet Pleasure – moistbreezy
Northern Lites (feat. Slayyyter) – gupi
phonecall – digifae

Miku Called U U Missed It – Petal Supply
Ccrush – Bby Eco
crush – Planet 1999

Staring at the Ceiling – Hannah Diamond
on ur mind (feat. rromarin) – donatachi
Make Believe – Hannah Diamond

Open Your Eyes – User 2222
FELL (feat. Bladee) – Varg2™

Iskra Delta minful practice cubicle – umru
Forever Till The End Of Time – Bby Eco
You’re Going To Be Okay – Himera

don’t u kno? (feat. tuchscreen) – OUTBACK
paper knife – digifae
vulnerable – senses + patient (prod. shinju + djh)

Blossom – halo cupid, mental, colton (prod. maknae + waifu)