Radiobomb for November 11th, 2014

Today is the Day – THe Man Who Loves to Hurt Himself
Nomeansno – The Tower
The Heroine Sheiks – Nuclear Jeannie
Hammerhead – Brest
Schlong – Jet Song
Dwarves – I Want You to Die
Punching Swans – Favorite Nightmare
Sick of It All – With All Disrespect
Vagiant – Molerats
Cosmic Psychos – Whip Me
DEEPSLAUTER – Some Song from More Huge Tiny – Our Japanese Unicode isn’t working in the station. SORRY!
Drive Like Jehu – If It Kills You
Arbogast – Will and Destruction

Kudzu Jungle 8/31/2014

Cern – Seek the Truth [D&B Arena]
Teebee – Padawan [Subtitles]
State of Mind – Ronald Reagan [State of Mind]
Phace & Rockwell – NO! [Neosignal]
2Sides – Sonar [Syndrome Audio]
Sabre & Kasra – Designated [Critical]
Skream – Motorway [Exit]
Detail & Nymfo – Survivor [Dispatch]
EBK, DLR & Octane – Zulu Fade [Dispatch]
Icicle – Top of the Page [Shogun Audio]
Stranjah – Intalus [Renegade Hardware]
Seba – Mesmerism [Secret Operations]
Ulterior Motive – Link Down [Covert Operations]
Momoiro Clover Z – Lost Child (Noisia remix) [Vision]
Chris SU & State of Mind – Above Earth [Fate]
State of Mind – Nighttide [State of Mind]
Cyantific – Opium [Critical]
Zero Method & L33 – Biological Weapon [Citrus]
Logam – Interface [Santoku]
Optical – Slip Thru [Virus]
Ulterior Motive – Right Here [Metalheadz]
Breakage – Come With It
Mark System – Go Again [Warm Communications]
Kenei & Proktah – Shockwaves [Melting Pot]
Hybris – Lair [Revolution]
Dom & Roland – Hear My Call [Dom & Roland]

Black Sun Empire & Optiv – Insiders [Black Sun Empire]
Dabs & Safire – Back & Forth [Dispatch]
Black Sun Empire & Rido – Thunderbolt [Black Sun Empire]
Aeph – Scumbag (Teddy Killerz remix) [Bad Taste]
Cern – Fools [Project 51]
Phace – Strange Science [RAM]
Bulletproof – Black Salvation (Kenei remix) [Melting Pot]
Place 2B & Paimon – Beyond [Tam]
Black Sun Empire – Eraser (Neonlight remix) [Black Sun Empire]
Rido – Remedy [Red Light]
Cause 4 Concern – Synergy (Black Sun Empire remix)
Quadrant & Iris – Hovercraft [Hospital]
Icicle – Dreadnaught [Shogun Audio]
Sabre – Leaf [Critical]
Icicle & Noisia – Driftwood [Shogun Audio]
Command Strange – Takeover [Dark Manoeuvres]
Redject – Earth Prisoner [Disturbed]
S.P.Y. – Distant Street Lights [Hospital]
Heavy1 – Specium [Vampire]
Noisia & Joe Seven – Ease Forward [Invisible]
Logam – Morphic Fields [Santoku]


Story Time – 8/24/14

Story Time – 8/24/14

Hadestown – Anais Mitchell, Ani Difranco, Justin Vernon, Greg Brown, Ben Knox Miller, Haden Triplets

  • Wedding Song
  • Epic (Part I)
  • Way Down, Hadestown
  • —–
  • Songbird (Intro)
  • Hey, Little Songbird
  • Gone, I’m Gone
  • —–
  • When The Chips Are Down
  • Wait For Me
  • Why We Build The Wall
  • —–
  • Our Lady of the Underground
  • Flowers (Eurydice’s Song)
  • Nothing Changes
  • —–
  • If It’s True
  • Papers (Hades Finds Out)
  • How Long?
  • —–
  • Epic (Part II)
  • Lover’s Desire
  • His Kiss, The Riot
  • —–
  • Doubt Comes In
  • I Raise My Cup To Him
  • —–
  • Bon Iver – Holocene
  • Anais Mitchell – Coming Down
  • Ani Difranco – In the Margins
  • —–
  • Greg Brown – Spring Wind
  • The Low Anthem – To Ohio
  • The Haden Triplets – Slowly
  • —–
  • This Train Is Bound For Glory

Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase Impromptu Interview

Today at 2 PM we interviewed Brian Beattie, currently touring and supporting his new album “Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase”. As always, the interview can be heard on our two week archive.

Brian is playing tomorrow at 1 PM at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur. It’s a free show! Go see it!

Songs played from the album include:

Busy, Busy, Busy / Nothing is Something

Nobody Understands Me

Iron Skillet

Caliche Road

I was Sleeping

So Far Away

Ivy Falls Home

WREK says farewell to The Desoto Hour

WREK is sad to announce the end to one of our longest running shows The Desoto Hour. Started by his father, Fred Runde III has hosted the nationally acclaimed show since 2004. Please join Fred as he hosts his last show this Saturday, March 8th at 6pm. If you’d like to say thanks for the many years of big band jazz, feel free to email Fred at desoto@wrek.org