Sunday Special

Playlist for Twin Peaks Sunday Special

Twin Peaks Theme song
In Your Nature by Zola Jesus remixed by David Lynch
Fire Walk With Me Theme
Mater Suspiria Visiona – Seance Infernale

Silent Drape Runners interview with WREK

Noah’s Ark by David Lynch remixed by Moby
Dance of the Dream Man by Angelo Badalamenti
The Center by Motion Sickness of Time Travel

Fallen (Twin Peaks Theme remix) by The Mob
Glass Prayer by Religious to Damn
Audrey’s Dance by¬† Angelo Badalamenti

Velvet Dreams from the album Mashed in Plastic
In Heaven (Everything Is Fine) by The Pixies
Mulholland Drive by Angelo Badalamenti

Sycamore Trees sung by Jimmy Scott
New Vibes by Silent Drape Runners

Falling by SkeletonKids

…How’s Annie?

Playlist for Sunday Special, Feb 19th

Booty Swing by Parov Stelar
Catgroove by Parov Stelar
Chambermaid Swing by Parov Stelar

Why Don’t You by Gramophonedzie
Happiness by Gramophonedzie

It Don’t Mean Jack (Razz-ma-tazz Remix) by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Cafe Prague by Groovejuice
Swing Bop by Der Dritte Raum

Gotta Have Swing by Titch
Star Wars Cantina Song (Royale Remix)
The Southend Swing by Reverend JJ

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat by the Electric Swing Circus
The Penniless Optimist by Electric Swing Circus

Dragons by Caravan Palace
Clash by Caravan Palace
Brotherswing by Caravan Palace

Get A Move On by Mr. Scruff
Jazz Potato by Mr. Scruff

Basin Street Blues by Kid Koala
Drunk Trumpet by Kid Koala
Fender Bender by Kid Koala

Swing Therapy by Mindpleasure
The Balkan Slap by Mindpleasure ft. AlSax

Hold the Night by Lyre Le Temps
We No Speak Americano by Yolanda Be Cool

Playlist for Forward Momentum Sunday Special – November 6 2011

“Strawberry Jam” by Simon Says off of Tardigrade
“Matrix Gate” by Planet X off of Quantum
“Technical Difficulties” by Racer X off of Technical Difficulties
“Concerto” by Cacophony off of Speed Metal Symphony
“Damage Mode” by The Watch off of Vacuum
“Zombies” by Magma off of Udu Wudu
“The Mind Machine” by Presto Ballet off of The Lost Art of Time Travel
“Don Pardo Pimpwagon” by Bumblefoot off of 9.11
“Hands” by Stickmen off of Soup
“Quartus Artifactus” by From Uz off of Quartus Artifactus
“A Kid Called Panic” by Moon Safari off of Lover’s End
“Sweet Earth” by The Gourishankar off of Grip
“The Scuttle of the Past out of the Cupboards” by Yugen off of Eridule
“Stranger By the Minute” by Porcupine Tree off of Stupid Dream
“Rock Me Til I Die” by Grim Reaper off of Rock You To Hell
“At the Speed of Light” by Karakanic off of Wheel of Life
“Powers of Ten” by Shawn Lane off of Epilogue for Lisa