Sunday Special

WREK pays tribute to Dennis Palmer and The Shaking Ray Levis

dennis-palmerJoin us Sunday, March 3rd, on WREK 91.1 FM as we pay tribute to Dennis Palmer and the Shaking Ray Levis. Dennis Palmer passed away suddenly on February 15th.

Conceived by Dennis Palmer and Bob Stagner in 1986, Shaking Ray Levis has been a guiding light with their Southern Ol’ Time Avant-Garde sound and a dominant force in the Chattanooga arts scene for decades.

Improvising with a who’s who of world-renowned musicians and artists such as; Rev. Howard Finster, Borbetomagus, Derek Bailey, Eugene Chadbourne, David Greenberger, Amy Denio, Davey Willams and LaDonna Smith, the Levis were also a formidable duo who struck sparks whenever and whenever they played.

We’ll cover as many aspects of the breadth and depth of their career as time allows – including some rare live and unreleased recordings!

So join us Sunday March 3rd at 7:00PM on 91.1 FM or If you miss the live airing, you will be able to listen to the show for up to a week later via WREK’s online archive.

Update Monday March 4th: The show has aired and is now in the WREK archive!

Stream the show to your computer:

The web link above will expire at 7pm next Sunday, March 10th.

Thanks to Andy Pierce for putting the show to together, and to Keith Lee for helping with production. And special thanks to Bob Stagner for his surprise appearance, insight on the performances, and general good words.

R.I.P. Dennis Palmer.

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Crescendo Molto – February 17, 2013

“Ripples in the Fabric” by Bells & Whistles
“The lights weren’t that bright, but our eyes were tired” by Industries of the Blind
“Kardusen” by pg.lost
“Good Morning, Captain” by Slint
“Empty Sets” by Turritopsis Nutricula
“Fine” by Turritopsis Nutricula
“The Man With the Hammer” by Leech
“A Hail of Bombs” by Red Sparowes

Untitled Track 2 by Ornaments (From their 2004 promo)
“Summer’s Orange Haze” by Our Ceasing Voice
“A Dark Day with Night” by Junius
“TMA-1″ by Rosetta
“Ara Caeli” by Toundra
“Heaven” by Loraine
“Metals of Callisto” by Capillaries

World Prog Show Setlist 2/10/2013

Time | Artist | Song | Album
7:02:00 | Mog Rocket | Cryptic | Tooth and Nail
7:08:00 | Cazuela De Condor | el duende y la serpiente | pasion, panico, locura y muerte
7:15:00 | The Flower Kings | Dissonata | The Flower King
7:26:00 | Derek Sherinian | El Flamingo Suave | Mythology
7:32:00 | Symphony X | Masquerade | The Odyssey
7:38:00 | Gordian Knot | A Shaman’s Whisper | Emergent
7:41:00 | Agam | Brahma’s Dance | Music the Agam Way
7:46:00 | Aghora | Formless | Formless
8:00:00 | Gru | Nubella | Cosmo Genesis
8:06:00 | Bad Salad | Dawn of the Machine | Uncivilized
8:21:00 | Miguel Hernandez and the Sons of Zappa | Neon |
8:36:00 | Metal Clone X | Overture de Mix | Live Performance
8:44:00 | Semantic Saturation | Stardust | Solipsistic
8:51:00 | X Japan | Rusty Nails | Trance X
8:57:00 | Gordian Knot | Fischer’s Gambit | Emergent


This is our 3rd annual MEME show!

oh my dayum (five guys)
he-man fabulous secret powers
chocolate rain
numa numa

combination pizza hut and taco bell (wallpaper remix)
thrift store
ain’t nobody got time for that
benny lava

banana song
nick offerman bacon beat poetry
leekspin (techno remix)
bacon pancakes
double rainbow
double rainbow (main remix)
milk and cereal

call me maybe (cover by tay zonday)
the duck song
bed intruder
mr rogers – garden of your mind
can’t hug every cat
GTG’s – “The Ratio”

Sunday Special 9/16/2012 – Nujabes:A Japanese Trip Hop Artist Tribute

Sorry I started a little late folks, but I promise the music is awesome and original! If you missed the show, I implore you to consider checking out the archive of this show on the schedule tab. It will be well worth the listen, I guarantee it.

Set List for Tonight

  1. Lady Brown (Clean Version) by Nujabes off Lady Brown
  2. Who’s Theme ft. MINMI by Nujabes off Impression
  3. Tsurugi No Mai by Nujabes off Impression
  4. Light on Land by Nujabes off Modal Soul
  5. Waltz for Life will Born ft. Uyama Hiroto by Nujabes off Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection
  6. Color of Autumn by Nujabes off Spiritual State
  7. Shiki No Uta (Song of the Seasons) ft. MINIMI by Nujabes off Katana
  8. Sky is Falling by Nujabes off Modal Soul
  9. Luv (Sic) Part 2 ft, Shing by Nujabes off Hydeout Productions 1st Collection
  10. Battlecry by Nujabes off Depature
  11. Hikari ft. Substantial by Nujabes off Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection
  12. After Hanabi (Listen to my Beats) by Nujabes off Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection
  13. Feather (ft. Cise Starr & Akin) by Nujabes off Modal Soul
  14. City Lights ft. Pase Rock & Substantial by Nujabes off Spiritual State
  15. Think Different ft. Substanial by Nujabes off Metaphorical Music
  16. Spiritual State by Nujabes off Spiritual State
  17. Kumomi by Nujabes off Metaphorical Music
  18. Imgainary Folklore ft. Clammbon by Nujabes off Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection
  19. Letter from Yokosuka by Nujabes off Metaphorical Music
  20. Gone are the Days ft. Uyama Hiroto by Nujabes off Spiritual State
  21. Island ft. Uyama Hiroto by Nujabes off Spiritual State
  22. Sea of Cloud by Nujabes off Modal Soul
  23. Counting Stars by Nujabes off Hydeout off Productions 2nd Collection