Radiobomb for August 19th, 2014

Radiobomb has moved to 11 PM on Tuesday nights! New Forces is at 8 PM!


Jungbluth (Playing a show at Marlow’s Mansion on the 25th):



Looks Like Freedom

These Rare Moments

Au Revoir Tristesse

Zwang Abwaerts

No One But Myself


Crevasse II


Yautja (Playing a show at the “Don’t Park at Blimpie House” on Moreland on the 22nd):

(path of descent)



concrete tongue

tar and blindness


faith resigned

(path to ground)

an exit

Slugga(Playing a show at the “Don’t Park at Blimpie House” on Moreland on the 22nd):


Everywhere is Hate

Shaved Heads



Kill Me II


Thanks for listening!

Sub Saharan Vibes August 18, 2014

Artist                -             Song

  1. Miriam Makeba  -  Umhome
  2. Magic System f/Soprano  -  Chérie Coco
  3. Tinariwen  – Oualahila Ar Tesninam
  4. Abdellah El Magna – Kassidat el Hakka
  5. Sara Tavares  – Lisboa Kuya
  6. Juluka (Johnny Clegg)  – Mana Lapho (Stand your Ground)
  7. Blessings Nqo  – Thandaza (Pray)
  8. Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba f/Zoumana Tereta  -  Dankou
  9. Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited  -  Timothy
  10. SMOD  -  Reviens Djarabi
  11. Insingizi  -  Kungemithandazo
  12. Dobet Gnahoré  -  Inyembezi zam
  13. Orchestra Jazira  -  Money

Shillelagh Law 8/18/2014

  • Bonnie Charlie – Clancy Brothers (For JJ)
  • Scotland is Free – Hugh Morrison
  • Chi Mi na Morbheanna – Toucan Dubh
  • Donal a’ Phumpa – Mick O’Brien, Caoimhin O Raghallaigh, Aoibhinn Cronan
  • Us of Lesser Gods – Flogging Molly
  • Lancaster Gate – Enter the Haggis
  • Samurai Set – Gaelic Storm
  • Chafe’s Ceilidh – Great Big Sea
  • Gwydion’s Song to Lleu – Emerald Rose
  • The Turning Years – Dagda
  • Bridgit Flynn – The Irish Rovers
  • Follow Me Up to Carlow – Young Dubliners
  • Volcanic Jig – Natalie MacMaster
  • Pipe Set – Seven Nation
  • We the People – Schooner Fare

Kosher Noise Playlist 8/18/14

  • Mizrach      Lipa Schmeltzer
  • Balada L’Sochen Kaful (Ballad to Double Agent)      Mashina (Machine)     G’virotai v’Rabotai (Ladies and Gentlemen): Mashina
  • Ya’Alili     8th Day      Chasing Prophecy
  • Abdul the Rabbi       4th Ward Afro Klezmer Orchestra      Abdul the Rabbi
  • תתארו לכם – Teta’aru Lachem       שלמה ארצי- Shlomo Artzi
  • Tariki       Zafa       Putumayo Presents – Israel
  • Tehilas Hashem      The Yeshiva Boys Choir
  • Ba Me Ahava       Yehudit Ravitz
  • Hasar Moshe Montefiori      Yehoram Gaon     40 Golden Hits

Mode 7 – 8/17/2014

The Returning, Or, How I Stopped Worrying About My Job And Learned To Love Jake Kaufman

Hey, if you can’t beat em, join em.

A Watery Mix

LOZ: Ocarina of Time – Zora’s Domain
Sonic Colors – Aquarium Park, Act 1
Kid Icarus Uprising – At the Seafloor Palace
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD – Under the Sea (Please Don’t Hurt Me)

You Asked For It! (Requests)

Banjo Kazooie – Freezeasy Peak
Ape Escape – Galaxy Monkey
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles – Opening Theme
Katamari Damacy – Lonely Rolling Star

Ode to Jake Kaufman (Also Excuse To Play More Shovel Knight)

Shovel Knight – Strike The Earth “Epic Rock” Cover – Little V
DuckTales Remastered – Amazon Theme
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero – Dance Through the Danger
Double Dragon Neon – City Streets 1

Random Music That Collin Scratched His Head At

Spyro: Year of the Dragon – Icy Peak
Mega Man 9 – Flash in the Dark
Dust: An Elysian Tail – Short Fuse
Farcry 3: Blood Dragon – Friends Forever (Credits)