Mode 7

Sunday 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Genres: Video Game, 8-bit, Drum'n'Bass, Techno
Hosts: Daniel Smith, Brett McLamb, Richard Stauffer, Collin Caldwell

Mode 7 plays the best of video game music. Original soundtracks, classic 8 bit tunes and awesome techno remixes, we play them all.

The last show (128kbps / 24kbps)

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The show before (128kbps / 24kbps)

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Mode 7 – 05/24/15

The Amy Show!

Most of the picks tonight were from our friend Amy!

The Playlist!

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn – Main Theme
Shadow of the Ninja – Stage 3
Mario Kart 8 – Excitebike Arena
Daytona USA – The King of Speed

Ghoul Patrol – Metropolis 3
Banjo Kazooie – Clanker’s Cavern
Rythm Heaven – Rhythm Heaven
Saints Row II – Dancing On The Avenue
Sonic Adventure 2 – Mission Street
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire – Petalburg City

Super Smash Brothers for WiiU and 3DS – Smiles and Tears
Animal Crossing: Population Growing – 2 P.M.
Bloodborne – Gehrman, The First Hunter
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Turnabout Sister’s Theme
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney – Tell The Truth
Dance Dance Revolution – Move Your Feet

Antichamber – Antichamber Suite

Mode 7 – 05/17/15

The Richard’s Summer Game Show!

We started off with Richard’s Games and then played some Jae Du songs, and then some requests!

The Playlist!

Terrarria – Boss 1
Terrarria – Overworld Day
Far Sky – Above the Waves
Mass Effect 3 – Mars

Spongebob Squarepants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman – Title Theme
Towerfall – Dark Fang Fortress
Towerfall – Cataclysm
Hatoful Boyfriend – Angels Battle
Child of Light – Aurora’s Theme

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd – Fury of the Storm God
Tree of Savior – ???
Nayuta no Kiseki – Sword of Nayuta
Ar Tone Lico – Singing Hill

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 – Dissapeared
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles – Promised Grace
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – SNAAAAAAAKE EAAAAAAATER

Mode 7 – 5/10/2015


All of us are here this summer, so MODE 7 NEVER STOPS. Also Happy Mothers Day!

The Playlist!

Splatoon – Online Lobby
Riviara – Riviara, the Promise Land
Hyrule Warriors – Solidus Cave (Crystal Variant)
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – Sexualizer

Kingdom Hearts 2 – Dearly Beloved
Barkley: Shut up and Jam: Gaiden – Space Jam
Touhou: U.N. Owen Was Her – Death Waltz

Mother 3 – Tazmilly Village
Earthbound – Tenda Village
Mother – 8 Melodies
Shovel Knight – Strike the Earth!

Dance Dance Revolution – Shiny World
Final Fantasy X – Calm Before the Storm
Ninja Gaiden – Master Ninja
F Zero GX – Princia Ramode

Mode 7 – 05/03/15

The First of May Show!

There’s five sundays in may…… so we mayyyyyyyyyyyy do extra fun special shows!

The Playlist!

Tower of Heaven – Luna Ascension
Tower of Heaven – Indignant Divinity
Touhou Kishinjou ~ Double Dealing Character – Misty Lake
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Pursuit ~ Cornered
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Suspense
The Elder Scrolls Online – Moth, Butterfly, and Torchbug

Jumping Flash! 2 – World 6-2
Chrono Trigger – Spekkio’s Theme
Inazuma Eleven – Activate! Burning Phase
Spelunky HD – Area 2 Jungle
Spelunky HD – Hub Area

Mario Kart 8 – Super Bell Subway
Megaman ZX – Trap Fanatics
Dance Dance Revolution – Healing Vision (Angelic Mix)
Opoona – Blue Desert
Crawl – Toccata

Trey Frey – Show Me
Surasshu – Rebirth
Yoann Turpin – Adventure Time

Mode 7 – 04/26/15

The Remix and Covers Show!

We found a lot of remixes of our favorite songs this week!

The Playlist!

LittleVMills – Green Greens Jazz Remix
verdegrande – Xion’s Final Battle
haconiwa – Tornado Man’s Stage
Crendor – Lucky Doo Remix

Opus Science Collective – Flat Zone
Jim Guthrie – Nature of Things and Stuff
Aivi Tran – Yoshi’s Island Medley
fodsteve1 – Purple Comet

For Whom the Bell Tolls – The Prince’s Adventure
Dr. Pez – K.K. Bossa Accordian
DDRKirby – Love Everlasting
DJ Cutman – Super Mario 3D World Hiphop Remix
Eirik Suhrke – World 1-2

Bulby – Gaur Plains 8 Bit
RoboticDe – Megaman Battle Network 2 Title Theme Remix
goldinsounds – Outer Rings Remix
Smooth McGroove – Milk Bar

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