Kosher Noise

Monday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Genres: Jewish, Klezmer, Yiddish, International, Local, Folk, Indie, Rap, Hip Hop, Jazz
Hosts: Matt Bernstein, Jessica Taylor

Kosher Noise weaves together all the voices of the Diaspora, bringing together genres such as Israeli hip-hop, klezmer funk, Jewish reggae, and traditional (with a modern twist!). Listen in for interviews with local musicians, current event discussions, Hebrew word of the day, and contest giveaways. Featuring such Jewish artists as Hadag Nachash, Idan Raichel, Abraham Inc., Shotey Hanevuah, the Bible Raps Project, Chai Fi, and DeLeon, it’s a veritable falafel patty of Judaism’s most interesting artists, brought to you by your host, DJ Meltz.

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Kosher Noise Playlist 5/25/15 – Hip Hop

Title Artist Album
Pon Your Head Brody vs Chino Urabn Anxiety
Hadibur Axum Axum
Remedy Brody ft. Kosha Dillz Urban Anxiety
Change Describe & Y-Love The Change EP
Animals Dillz & Diwon Shemspeed
BaSalon Shel Solomon Hadag Nachash
Freha Axum Axum
Believers Nosson Zand ft. Matisyahu
Where are you Prodezra Beats Connection Revealed
Queen of Hearts Soulico Exotic on the Speaker
Me’Habama Lehaftziz Hadag Nachash Be’ezrat Ha’Jam
Subliminial Ba Li Lauf (I Wanna Fly) Jew-Niversal
Move On Y-Love See Me
Mitun Shi 360

Kosher Noise Playlist – 5/18 – Ladino Noche

Name Artist Album
Los Biblicos (The Nightingales) Consuelo Luz Buddha Bar II
La Hora Congregation Bet Havarim Wheels Within Wheels
To Giasemi (The Jasmine) Savina Yannatou Songs of the Mediterranean
La Serena (The Siren) Guy Mendilow Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom: Ladino Songs Renewed
Yome, Yome Judith R. Cohen Sefarad en Diaspora
A La Uno Ya Naci DeLeon DeLeon
Kindl Curdin Nicolay Unknown
Le Marriage Golem Fresh Off the Boat
Sen Esch Tgesa Pascal Gamboni Tiara
Uno Ora en la Ventana Jaffa Road Sun Place
Shecharhoret Mor Karbasi The Beauty and the Sea
Hanuka Judy Frankel Scaleria de Oro (Stairway of Gold)
La Rosa Enflorece Francoise Atlan Sephardic Songs 2
Adiyo Kerida (Goodbye Beloved) Flory Jagoda Arvoliko
Nëi Ganes ft. Carolina Kostner Caprize


Kosher Noise Playlist 5/11

Name Artist Album
Never Again

Wu Tang Clan

The Swarm
Od Yom Yavo Zohar Argov HaMeytiv
Honey Harparvarim The First 30 Years
One More Step – (Adi Abraham, Uneek & Vulkan) Shemspeed Jenerous Skillz
Dumiya Pharaoh’s Daughter  Water Within Water
Yom Holly August Shlomo Arzi  Gal – Yarok 2
Who Sent the Heat Girls in Trouble Girls in Trouble
Puncha, Puncha La Rondinella Songs of the Sephardim
Hakshivu Na Axum Axum
Not Afraid Subliminal The Light from Zion
Speak Not Its Name The Wailing Wall The Low Hanging Fruit
Deuteronomy Samson Mugambe Music From Ugandan Jews
Kol Ze (All of This) – כל זה Beit Habubot (Dollhouse) B’chol Hadrachim (Crossways)
Cuando El Rey Nimrod Divahn Divahn
Sameach Chai Fi The Chai Way


Finals Week Kosher Noise Playlist

Name Artist Album
See Me Y-Love See Me
P’sach Lanu Sha’ar The Sway Machinery The Sway Machinery EP
Cada Dia The Idan Rachel Project Within My Walls
Heart Attack Feeling SoCalled Ghettoblaster
Atah Totach Sarit Hadad Child of Love
L’Dor Vador Rocky Mountain Jewgrass Chutzpah
Top of the World Mikey Pauker Extraordinary Love
Aich Za Shcocav Matti Caspi The Best of Matti Caspi
Live Like a Warrior Matisyahu Spark Seeker
Take me Out Tonight The Jacob Jeffries Band Waiting for the Piano Movers
Sparks Fortisakharof 1900
Move Me Boomfox Beach Valley-EP
Mi Ze Shi 360
Eye Nosson Zand The Return
Chetz Mi’toch Halev Izhar Ashdot Zilo Shel Yom Ka’itz

Kosher Noise Playlist 4/20 – Dead Week Jazz

Name Artist Album
And the World Weeps Anat Cohen Claroscuro
!Attention The Apples Attention
Feediop Avishai Cohen As Is (Live at the Blue Note)
Yamba Samba Consolidated Ensemble Seeds Of Sun
Allah Hu Ehad Asefa Sephardic Music Festival Vol. 2
La Vie en Rose Anat Cohen Claroscuro
Ani, Ata Vehoo The Apples Kings
Nedunya Bustan Abraham Hamsa
Freylekh Fantastique The Klezmer Conservatory Band Dancing In The Aisles
Eli Zion Richard Locker, cello with Martha Locker, piano Jewish Cello Masterpieces, Volume II
Elli Avishai Cohen As Is (Live at the Blue Note)