Mode 7 – 05/24/15

The Amy Show!

Most of the picks tonight were from our friend Amy!

The Playlist!

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn – Main Theme
Shadow of the Ninja – Stage 3
Mario Kart 8 – Excitebike Arena
Daytona USA – The King of Speed

Ghoul Patrol – Metropolis 3
Banjo Kazooie – Clanker’s Cavern
Rythm Heaven – Rhythm Heaven
Saints Row II – Dancing On The Avenue
Sonic Adventure 2 – Mission Street
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire – Petalburg City

Super Smash Brothers for WiiU and 3DS – Smiles and Tears
Animal Crossing: Population Growing – 2 P.M.
Bloodborne – Gehrman, The First Hunter
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Turnabout Sister’s Theme
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney – Tell The Truth
Dance Dance Revolution – Move Your Feet

Antichamber – Antichamber Suite

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from May 22nd, 2015 (“In the Library!”) Episode 258

Clip from Sesame Street
Intro: “Friction” by Television

“That’s a Good Idea” by Otis Redding

Interview with Melissa Just (Rutgers University Libraries)

File this set under HV5076 .S75:
“Get Down” by The Delta 72
“We’re Gonna Stay for the Party” by Nana Love
“Let’s Have a Party” by The Psychotik Tanks

Interview with John Blyberg (Darien Library)

File this set under QD516 .B3613:
“Community” by Radar Eyes
“You Can’t Do That” by The Beatles
“A Blast” by Movieland

Interview with Jeremy Kitchen (Chicago Public Library)

File this set under ML3521 .W37:
“Rock City USA” by The Devil Dogs
“The Crucifixion is Now” by Blag Dhalia
“I Can’t Believe I’m Alive” by Running

Credits: “Fool in the Rain” by Led Zeppelin

“It Ain’t What You Do It’s the Way That You Do It” by Bananarama and Fun Boy Three

Mailbag: “Peaches” by The Presidents of the United States of America

Stay tuned for the next Lost in the Stacks, “Also in the Library!” on Friday, May 29th!

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54-46 Playlist May 21st 2015

The Heptones – Hypocrite
Dennis Brown – If I Had The World
Method of Defiance – Salvation

Rebelution – Roots Reggae Music
Seeed – Fire In The Morning
Reel Big Fish – She Has A Girlfriend Now
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Crisis

Skatalites – Renewal
Stick Figure – Let The Music Play
Toots & The Maytals – Reggae Got Soul

Daniel Bambaata Marley – Maintain
Michael Franti & Spearhead – Time To Go Home
Matisyahu – Got No Water

Sublime – Scarlet Begonias

SubSaharan Vibes May 18, 2015

Artist                Song

  1. Mohamed Bergam          — Zine Mlih
  2. Fatoumata Diawara        —  Kanou
  3. Lura                                — Quebrod Nem Djosa
  4. Sierra Leone’s Refugeee All-Stars      —  Min Do Sin Tay
  5. Vusi Mahlasela                —  Kuyobanjani Na?
  6. Femi Kuti                        —    Victim of Life
  7. Tarika                              —   Bibiango
  8. Lulu Masilela                   —  Six Mabone
  9. Malavoi                            —   Pani
  10. Vakoka                            —    Era
  11. Mahotella Queens f/Mahlatini     —  Zibuyile Nonyaka

Kosher Noise Playlist – 5/18 – Ladino Noche

Name Artist Album
Los Biblicos (The Nightingales) Consuelo Luz Buddha Bar II
La Hora Congregation Bet Havarim Wheels Within Wheels
To Giasemi (The Jasmine) Savina Yannatou Songs of the Mediterranean
La Serena (The Siren) Guy Mendilow Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom: Ladino Songs Renewed
Yome, Yome Judith R. Cohen Sefarad en Diaspora
A La Uno Ya Naci DeLeon DeLeon
Kindl Curdin Nicolay Unknown
Le Marriage Golem Fresh Off the Boat
Sen Esch Tgesa Pascal Gamboni Tiara
Uno Ora en la Ventana Jaffa Road Sun Place
Shecharhoret Mor Karbasi The Beauty and the Sea
Hanuka Judy Frankel Scaleria de Oro (Stairway of Gold)
La Rosa Enflorece Francoise Atlan Sephardic Songs 2
Adiyo Kerida (Goodbye Beloved) Flory Jagoda Arvoliko
Nëi Ganes ft. Carolina Kostner Caprize