Radiobomb for 07/22/2014

His Hero is Gone

Like Weeds
Sterile Fortress
Carry On
Good Samaritan
Chain of Command
Concrete Cage
The Result of 11 Days in the Mental Hospital
Disease of Ease


Dark Horse
Reap What You Sow
Wishing Well
No Heroes
Losing Battle
Grim Heart / Black Rose
Dead Beat

Radiobomb for July 15th, 2014

Out of Vogue by The Middle Class
Beat My Head Against the Wall by Black Flag
Paid Vacation by Circle Jerks
Danger Zone by China White
Be a Good Robot by The Vandals
Problem Child by Wasted Youth
Bloodstains by Agent Orange
Ha Ha Ha by Flipper
I Got a Gun by Channel 3
Not of This Earth by Angry Samoans
Child Hosts the Parasite by Rebel Truth
I Don’t Wanna Die For My Country by Square Cools
Sad Little Girl by Screeching Weasel
Happy Now by Isocracy
Consumed by Your Greed by Detestation
Red, White, and Blue by Resist
The Solution… by Resist
Green by Resist
Throw the First Stone by Shades of Grey
Capitalism Must Come to an End by Shades of Grey
A Vicious Circle by Shades of Grey
Point of No Return by Shades of Grey
Silence by Shades of Grey
2018 by The Spits
Trouble by The Spits

Radiobomb for 06/24/2014

Japanese Punk!

Dressed in Black by Teengenerate
Let’s Get Hurt by Teengenerate
Can-Nana Fever by Guitar Wolf
Fujiyama Attack by Guitar Wolf
Mune ga dokidoki (My Heart Pounding) by The High-Lows
Are You Ready? by The Raydios
Salinger by Blanket Jet City

Battlefield of Hell by Disclose*

Money by The Stalin

War Scars by Disclose*

Stop Girl by The Stalin
Hiroshima Nagasaki by Crow
Welcome to the Underground by Forward
Anger Burning by DSB
Face of Change by DSB
Blackout by Zeni Geva
Desperate Hours by Disclose

Steak by Peelander-Z
Ninja High School by Peelander-Z
Learn Japanese by Peelander-Z


Radiobomb for June 17th, 2014

Stracony by Stracony off of Stracony
Breaker by Terror off Evil of Terror
Hi-Speed by Raise Cain off of Bootleg EP
Garaz by No Se off of Bez Wsziecznosci
TV Violence by Outpatient off of Hardcore Outcasts Revisited 82-84
New Generation by Front Line off of Outside Your Window
Coopted by Dof off of Purpose Lost
Frozen Minds by Eucharist off of Eucharist
Do Ciebie by Amanita Muscaria off of Nieoczekiwanie
Sheena is a Punk Rocker by The Ramones off of Greatest Hits
Dwell by Left Astray off of Confines.
Mindless by Fed to the Wolves off their 2011 Tape
Rabid Panic by Tragedy off of Nerve Damage
I May Not Always Be Right by New Gods off of Sex & Destroy
Be Free by Anti off of Defy The System
Fountain of Youth by Discos MMM off of Police Car 7″
Dolje na Dnu by Masinko off of Svugdje je doma, ali lijeo je najljepse
The Knife’s Still in My Back by Wasted off of Here Comes the Darkness
Sweet by The Coltranes off of Man With The Hat
No Reason Why by Gorilla Biscuits off of Original 1987 Tape Demo

Radiobomb for 06/10/14

When Ya Get Drafted by Dead Kennedys
Room 13 by Black Flag
Did He Jump by Zounds
A Hell on Earth by Discharge
Helena by The Misfits
All We Love We Leave Behind by Converge
Gutters by A Thousand Words
Asphalt Affe by Die Eule im Bart des Judas
Custom Rock by Conflict
No Name, No Words by Suicidal Tendencies
I Need a Torch by The Suicide Commandos
Cheatin’ Heart by 3
Trans AM by Teen Idles
Something in My Head by Scream
Digitally Romanticated by Unraveler
Pokemon Master by Urban Pirates
I Just Want to Have Something To Do by The Ramones
Agents of Death by Fed to the Wolves
Deceieve/Neglect by Ground
Free by Lookin’ Up