Radiobomb for September 23nd, 2014

Kraut – Flossing with an E String
Giftgasattack – Drunken Rehearsal Tape
1. Carcass in Bodybags
2. Cocklife in Hell
3. Giftgasattack
4. Hellbomb
5. Napalm Death (Half Song Drums Crashed)
6. Napalm Death
7. Warfere
Dead Kennedys – Ill in the Head
Husker Du – Masochism World
Fall of Efrafa – Woundwort
‘hju:men – Прилив (Tide)
Vestiges – VI
Chaos UK – Just Mere Slaves EP
1. Rise From the Rubble
2. 4 Minute Warning
3. City of Dreams
4. Just Mere Slaves
5. Control (live in Japan)
6. Victimized (live in Japan)

Radiobomb for Sept 16, 2014

Burning Love – No Love
The Swarm – Bleeding to Death
Finally Punk – Negative Creep
The Shrine – Louise

NOFX – Linoleum
Dukes of Nothing – War and Wine
Early Graves – Red Horse
All Pigs Must Die – Hungry Wolf, Easy Prey
Black Breath – Razor to Oblivion

General Lee – Medusa Howls with Wolves
Consume – Starved
UK Subs – Flat Earth Society
Hail of Rage – Purity

Citizen’s Arrest – Colossus LP
1. Utopia
2. Briviba
3. Touch and Go
4. Number
5. Through the Mist
6. Suffer Now
7. C.D.R.F.
8. Activate
9. Pain
10. Agony God
11. Paper Cuts
12. Burst of Silence

Radiobomb for 08/27/14

Divisions Ruin – 7″
1. Fear
2. Bastard Empire
3. Preacher Shit
4. Merely Existing

Rats Blood – Punks is Mutants EP
1. No Exit
2. Socio-Apathy
3. Heroin
4. Servants of Pigs
5. Punks is Mutants
6. Fukushima

The Dagda – An Endless Betrayal
1. The Great Divide
2. Storming the Gates of Heaven
3. An Endless Betrayal
4. To Stand in Array
5. Disseminated Primatemaia
6. Totem
7. The Last Song

Radiobomb for August 19th, 2014

Radiobomb has moved to 11 PM on Tuesday nights! New Forces is at 8 PM!


Jungbluth (Playing a show at Marlow’s Mansion on the 25th):



Looks Like Freedom

These Rare Moments

Au Revoir Tristesse

Zwang Abwaerts

No One But Myself


Crevasse II


Yautja (Playing a show at the “Don’t Park at Blimpie House” on Moreland on the 22nd):

(path of descent)



concrete tongue

tar and blindness


faith resigned

(path to ground)

an exit

Slugga(Playing a show at the “Don’t Park at Blimpie House” on Moreland on the 22nd):


Everywhere is Hate

Shaved Heads



Kill Me II


Thanks for listening!

Radiobomb for August 12th, 2014

Born Dead Generation by Bukkake Boys
Ralph by Ralph
Pressure by Predator
Bedlam by Manic
Eternal Feeling by GG King
No Relief by GHB
You’re Out by COPS
Booze Void by Wymyn’s Prysyn
16 by God’s Balls
Fence Yourself In by Gentleman Jesse
It Makes a Sound by COPS
Meth Buddies by Acid Freaks
17 by God’s Balls
Crawl by Vincas
Wheel of Misfortune by Predator
Know Why by Shaved Christ
Mind Police by Bukkake Boys
Cut Your Red by Manic
Heavy Chains by GG King
Bad Mind by Shaved Christ
Mister Fantasy by Ex-Cult
Lost Cause by Cosmic Psychos
At the Mall by Nobunny
Motel, Motel by Gimp Teeth
Cool Rush by Gimp Teeth
New House by Gimp Teeth
Are You a Catholic? by Gimp Teeth
Turn the Lights On by Gimp Teeth
Like Weeds by His Hero is Gone
Raise the Curtain by His Hero is Gone