Tuesday 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Genres: Punk, Hardcore, Crust, Grind, Noise Rock
Hosts: Taylor Burdette, Preston van Zandvliet, Rebecca Han

Punk rock and hardcore: We air econo.

Under new management in the last days of our defunct economic system, Radiobomb has felt the intense yearning for more heavy variations of punk music. We bring you crust punk, grind, and noise punk music for which your ears are unprepared.

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Radiobomb for November 24th, 2015

Radio Call Sign by Lockjaw
Lust For Power by Plasmid
Guilty Upbringing by Plasmid
And Still by Plasmid
Their Predictions by Plasmid
Lust For Power (2) by Plasmid
American Jesus by Bad Religion
Infected by Bad Religion
Billy by Bad Religion
The World Won’t Stop by Bad Religion
Luftslott [EP] by Totalitar
Astral Trip by Gudon
Raw Meat by Gag
California Uber Allies by Dead Kennedys
Life Sentence by Dead Kennedys
Viva Las Vegas by Dead Kennedys
Babylon’s Burning by The Ruts
Dope For Guns by The Ruts
S.U.S. by The Ruts
Something That I Said by The Ruts

Radiobomb for November 3rd, 2015

Radio Call Sign by Lockjaw
The Prisoner by D.O.A.
When the Tanks Roll (Over Poland Again) by The Automatics
Amoeba by The Adolescents
In Love This Way by Descendents
Tell Me by Corrosion Of Conformity
Minds Are Controller by Corrosion Of Conformity
Rebellion by Translated
Eye Sight To The Blind by Translated
A Look At Tomorrow by DOOM
Stop The Slaughter by DOOM
All For Nothing by D.R.I.
Manifest Destiny by D.R.I.
Gone Too Long by D.R.I.
Flak Jacket by Sore Throat
Reagan Youth by Reagan Youth
New Aryans by Reagan Youth
Anytown by Reagan Youth
In Dog We Trust by Reagan Youth
Too Young To Die by Agent Orange
Everything Turns Grey by Agent Orange
Miserlou by Agent Orange
The Last Goodbye by Agent Orange
No Such Thing by Agent Orange

Radiobomb for October 27th, 2015

Radio Callsign by Lockjaw
Opus 666 by Banane Metalik
Iccabod by Graveyard Drifters
Friday the 13th by ZOMBIE!
Nasty by The Damned
All Murder, All Guts, All Fun by Samhain
Halloween by The Misfits
Halloween II by The Misfits
Pet Sematary by The Ramones
Ghost Town by The Specials
Scare Me by DEADBOLT
Halloween Night by The Freeze
In The City by The Jam
Monsters by Pink Lincoln
Pick Your Poison by 45 Grave
Black Roses by Sloppy Seconds
Runnin ‘ From The CIA by Sloppy Seconds
I’m Not A Loser by Descendents
Parents by Descendents
Tonyage by Descendents

Radiobomb for October 20th, 2015

Radio Call Sign by Lockjaw
Sex Bomb by Flipper
Love Canal by Flipper
Ever by Flipper
Life Stinks by Pere Ubu
Bigmouth Strikes Again by The Smiths
Time to Buy A Futon by SNFU
GI Joe Get Angry With Human Kind by SNFU
Dark Ages by NoMeansNo
He’d Send in the Army by Gang of Four
Ether by Gang of Four
It’s Raining by The Angry Samoans
You Had Enough by Evil Mothers
Godswill by Evil Mothers
Big Crime ’89 by Fearless Iranians From Hell
Mind Average by Angst
One Life by Angst

Radiobomb for September 29th, 2015

Radio Call Sign by Lockjaw
Real Horror Show by Mad Parade
Trouble Is by Dag Nasty
Field Day by Dag Nasty
Things That Make No Sense by Dag Nasty
City Baby’s Revenge by Charged G.B.H.
100 Proof by 88 Fingers Louie
Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy by Devo
Moya By The Southern Death Cult (AKA The Cult)
Bright Side by Killing Time
No More Mr. Nice Guy by Killing Time

Blitzkreig Bop by The Ramones
More Hate Than Fear by One King Down
A.E.I.O.U. by Give Up The Ghost
We Killed It by Give Up The Ghost
American Town by The Freeze
Crossroads by Zeke
Live Wire by Zeke
Jack Torrance by Zeke
Evil Dead by Zeke