Tuesday 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Genres: Punk, Hardcore, Crust, Grind, Noise Rock
Hosts: Taylor Burdette, Preston van Zandvliet

Punk rock and hardcore: We air econo.

Under new management in the last days of our defunct economic system, Radiobomb has felt the intense yearning for more heavy variations of punk music. We bring you crust punk, grind, and noise punk music for which your ears are unprepared.

The last show (128kbps / 24kbps)

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The show before (128kbps / 24kbps)

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Radiobomb for June 23rd, 2015

New Life by White Pigs
Richie Dagger’s Crime by Germs
Nazi Fun by The Freeze
I Am by Pigment Vehicle
Waiting Room by Fugazi

Parallel Paths Through Currents Obscure by Bone Ritual
Choices by Cerce
Nothing Lasts EP by Punch
1. Do It Yourself
2. Done
3. Time Apart
4. Planning is Easy
5. Four Letters
6. The Chase
7. How Nothing Lasts

Full Of Hell & Merzbow by Full Of Hell & Merzbow
1. Burst Synapse
2. Gordian Knot
3. Humming Miter
4. Blue Litmus
5. Raise Thee, Great Wall, Bloodied And Terrible
6. Thrum In The Deep
7. Shattered Knife
8. Mute
9. High Fells
10. Ludjet Av Gud
11. Fawn Heads And Unjoy

Radiobomb Playlist for May 26, 2015


Break On Through (the Other Side) by the Doors [1966, s/t]
Paranoid by Black Sabbath [1970, Paranoid]
Search and Destroy by Iggy Pop and The Stooges [1973, Raw Power]
1969 by Iggy Pop and The Stooges [1969, s/t]
Suffragette City by David Bowie [1972, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust]
Queen Bitch by David Bowie [1971, Hunky Dory]
Helter Skelter by The Beatles [1968, s/t (White Album)]
Revolution by The Beatles [1968, 7" single]
Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf [1968, s/t]
Jumpin’ Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones [1968, 7" single]
19th Nervous Breakdown by The Rolling Stones [1966, 7" single]
Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival [1969, Willy and the Poor Boys]
Personality Crisis by New York Dolls [1973, s/t]
Looking At You by MC5 [1970, Back in the USA]
Trouble Every Day by Frank Zappa [1966, Freak Out!]

Radiobomb Playlist for May 12, 2015

One Chord Wonders by The Adverts
If One Of These Bottles Should Happen To Fall by World War IX
Exhibit A.A. by World War IX
Misirlou by Dick Dale
Vicious Circle by Abrasive Wheels
Neat Neat Neat by The Damned
Last Chance For A Bad Dance by d.b.s.
Burning Red by Exploding White Mice
D.Y.I. by Muuy Biien
Sharia Law by Drunken Sufis
Cotton Candy Cluster Bombs (album) by Drunken Sufis [track listing below]

Radiobomb Playlist for April 21 2015

Crosseyed and Painless (12″ Mix) by Talking Heads
Steel Pole Bath Tub by Carbon
My Generation by The Who
Wearing and Tearing by Led Zeppelin
Heartache by Converge
Southern Discomfort by Eyehategod
No Heroes by Converge
Plagues by Converge
Grim Heart/Black Rose by Converge
Gates of Steel by DEVO
X Offender by Blondie
Sleep by Dragonaut
Die For Me by Poison 13

Radiobomb Playlist for April 14th, 2015

7 Orbits by Aeronautix
Lydia’s Black Lung by Alice Donut
United and Strong by Agnostic Front
Power by Agnostic Front
Overturning the Rumford Fair Housing Act by The United Suns of Toil
Milk the Smile by Female Demand
Brats in Battalions by Adolescents
I Love You by Adolescents
Lipstick and Razorblades by Starvation Army
Lost in Bollywood (SOS Mix 2) by Boogie Monster
Chlamydia is Not a Flower by Crust
Wrung by Pink City
The Most Exalted Potentate of Love by The Cramps
The Dreaded World by Mazinga
Cream Acres by Wishgift
We’ll Go Machete by Hayward
Fuck Youth by Civil Civic