Mode 7 – 11/09/2014

The A La Cartridge Show!

Tonight we played all cartridge based games! WOO!


Mr. Gimmick – Happy Birthday
Mr. Gimmick – Slow Illusion
Silver Surfer – Level 1
Pictionary – Title Screen
Solstice – Title Screen

Sunsoft Set!
Heberke – SUNSOFT
Raf World – Stage 1
Shounen Ninja Sasuke (Young ninja sasuke and his monk friend chin-nan embark on a quest to rescue a princess kidnapped by an evil warlord)
Blaster Master
Heberke – Some Song

OutRun – Passing Breeze
Chrono Trigger – Main Theme
Chrono Trigger – Corridors of Time
Dragon Quest III – Overworld

Final Fantasy 1 – Wonderwan Boss Battle
Final Fantasy VI – Terra’s Theme
Final Fantasy VI – The Serpent Trench
Final Fantasy II – Airship Theme

Top Gear – Track 1
Sonic 2 – Aquatic Ruins
Sonic – Spring Yard Zone

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from November 7th, 2014 (“The Library Beyond The Book”) Episode 232

Clip from Cold Storage
Intro: “Friction” by Television

“Ask The Angels” by Patti Smith

Interview with Jeffery Schnapp and Matthew Battles (Harvard University)

File this set under TP372.2 .N37x:
“Concrete Corners” by Dark Furs
“Citadel” by Rolling Stones

Continued interview with Jeffery Schnapp and Matthew Battles

File this set under BF431 .H318:
“I’d Like To Walk Around In Your Mind” by Vashti Bunyan
“Get” by Blurt
“More Mittens” by The Happy Flowers

Continued interview with Jeffery Schnapp and Matthew Battles

File this set under HM554 .B48:
“Destroy What Destroys You” by Ulysses Heiller
“Calling All Destroyers” by T. Rex

Credits: “Closer” by NIN

“Funtime” by Iggy Pop

Mailbag: “Fopp” by Soundgarden

Stay tuned for the next Lost in the Stacks, “…or Equivalent Education/Experience” on Friday, November 14th!

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A Bit Off Broadway

  • Give My Regards to Broadway (Little Johnny Jones)- Joel Gray
  • Made In America (Bonnie and Clyde)- Ensemble
  • We Do Not Belong Together (Sunday in the Park with George)- Bernadette Peters, Mandy Pantikin
  • Ease on Down the Road (The Wiz)- Diana Ross, Michael Jackson
  • Paging Mr. Sousa (Meet Me in St. Louis)- Ensemble
  • Man I Never Knew/ Houston’s Call (The Burnt Part Boys)- Al Calderon
  • Food, Glorious Food (Oliver!)- Ensemble
  • The Impossible Dream (Man of La Mancha)- Richard Kelly
  • More Life (Now. Here. This)- Ensemble
  • I Speak Six Languages (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee)- Deborah S. Craig
  • This Is the Moment (Jekyll and Hyde)- Robert Cuccioli
  • Nowadays (Chicago)- Ensemble

Kosher Noise Playlist 11/3/14

  • Salaam        Sheva        Live in Australia
  • My Song 5       HAIM        Days Are Gone
  • Le Itim        שלמה ארצי- Shlomo Artzi         Ahavtihem
  • Al Kol Ayleh        Yehoram Gaon        40 Golden Hits
  • Hashavti She’Yehiye Romanti (I Thought It Will Be Romantic)         Anana Presents: Music From Israel
  • I Be Loving U         Tomer Yosef       Laughing Underground
  • Ma Asit? (What Did You Do?)          Teapacks         Kol Halhitim (All the Hits Collection)
  • Ivdu Es Hashem       The Sway Machinery         Hidden Melodies Revealed
  • L’cha Dodi           Abayudaya Congregation, solo by J.J. Keki from Uganda
  • Mali Mali        Aharon Menaxem
  • Avadim Hayinu         The Afro-Semitic Experience        Jazz Souls on Fire

Tapas and Tunes – 11.3.2014

  • Tomatito – Corre Por Mis Venas
  • John McLaughlin, Paco DeLucia, Al DiMeola – Mediterranean Sundance/Rio Ancho
  • Vicente Amigo – Rio de la Seda
  • Tango Orchestra of Buenos Aires – A Media Luz
  • Violeta Parra – Arauco Tiene Una Pena
  • Mercedes Sosa – Cantor Del Obraje
  • Alberto Pedraza – La Guaracha Sabrosona
  • Los Toros Band – Llego Tu Marido
  • La Sonora Dinamita – Picoteando Por Ahi
  • Vicente Fernández – El Arracadas
  • Pesado – Mi Primer Amor
  • Santé Les Amis – Brasil