Back Alley Pork Roost – January 24, 2016

  • Merle Haggard – Wouldn’t That Be Something
  • Punch Brothers – Who’s Feeling Young Now
  • Bailey and Vincent – Elizabeth
  • Old Crow Medicine Show – Methamphetamine
  • Loretta Lynn – The Pill
  • Willie Watson – Bring It With You When You Come
  • Johnny Cash – The Beast In Me
  • Shotgun Holler – Out In the Parking Lot
  • The Brookses – The Candlemakers’ Song
  • Tim Eriksen – Queen Jane
  • Carolina Chocolate Drops – Leaving Eden
  • The Little Roy and Lizzy Show – Flying Train
  • Delta Cane – Silver and Daggers
  • The Pickin’ Friends – Not the Whiskey Again Rosetta
  • Chatham County Line – Closing Town

Mode 7 – 01/24/15

The Accidental Ninja Show!

We had an unintentional ninja set tonight during Mode 7!

Mode 7 Pre-Show!
Battle Clash – Baron
Final Fantasy X – Hurry

The Playlist!

Azure Striker Gunvolt – Today’s Contract
Star Ocean – Battle Theme
Mario Tennis – Game/Break Point
Virtua Racing Deluxe – Replay
Atelier Ayesha – Baby Bird

Final Fantasy IX – Crossing Those Hills
Unreal Tournament ’99 – Run
Metroid II: Return of Samus – Surface of SR388
Threads of Fate – Passing Through the Forest

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon – Ghost Toys Castle
Master Spy – Mission 2
Shadow of the Ninja – Stage 2
Ninja Senki DX – Track 01

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 – Amber Sunset
Knights in the Nightmare – Battle in the Cemetery of Zeitzbach
Knights in the Nightmare – Tactical Documents
Lost Magic – Taguru Ito
Ghost Trick – Main Theme
Megaman: Starforce – Spica Mall

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from January 22nd, 2016 (Music Archives I) Episode 288

Hear the show at

Clip of Lou Reed
Intro: “Friction” by Television

“My Back Pages” by Bob Dylan

File this set under TD1.112/4:90/01:
“On the Aitchison Topeka and Santa Fe” by Johnny Mercer and the Pied Pipers
“Satan” by Love Tractor

File this set under SF511.3.S6 B38:
“So Blue” by The Jades
“The Ostrich” by The Primitives
“Black Angel’s Death Song” by The Velvet Underground

File this set under PN1997 .U582:
“Prarambh” by Ravi Shankar
“Surfboard” by Roberto Menescal e Seu Conjuto

Credits: “Give It Up” by Public Enemy

“Melancholy Blues” by Louis Armstrong and The Hot Seven

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Stay tuned for the next Lost in the Stacks, “Music Archives II: Tupac” on Friday, January 29th!

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54-46 Playlist January 21st 2016!!!

**Next show February 18th**

Mikey Dread – Rasta In Control
Hepcat – Tek Dat
Rita Marley – Who Colt The Game
Junior Murvin – Police & Thieves

Maroon Town – Average Man
Passafire – Ghost Man
Burning Spear – I Stand Strong
Culture – Peace And Love

Junior Ross & The Spear – Man From Zion
Tyrone Taylor – I Would Like To Know
The Toasters – Freedom

Yabby You – Zambia
Groundation – Jah Defend The Music

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Exodus

**Next show February 18th**

Mode 7 – 01/17/16

The BRIAN Show!

Our buddy Brian ran the show tonight!

The Playlist!

BlazBlue – Alexandrite
Guilty Gear Accent X2 Core Plus – Keep In Gates
Undernight Inbirth – Rushing Heart
Soul Caliber V – A High Spirited Tiger
Mortal Kombat 9 – Katana’s Theme
Arcana Heart 3 – Little Angel

Sonic 3 – Ice Cap Zone
Cytus – Light Up My Love
Cytus – Magestic Pheonix
Cytus – Black Layer
Cytus – Veverg
Cytus – Saika

Final Fantasy IV – You’re Not Alone
Mario Kart Wii – Mario and Luigi Circuit
Pokemon: Heart Gold and Soul Silver – Team Rocket Theme
Hyrule Warriors – Eclipse of The Sun
Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS – Ken’s Theme