Back Alley Pork Roost 4/19/15

  • Tom Dula- Carolina Chocolate Drops
  • The Wedding Dress Song – The Seeger Family
  • The Kicking Mule – The Seeger Family
  • Jane,Jane (Three Mockingbirds) – The Seeger Family
  • The Crawdad Song – Doc Watson
  • Redneck War – Ron Short
  • Sail Away Lady – UIncle Burnt Stephens
  • Green River March – Roane Country Ramblers
  • Swannanoa Tunnel- Bascom Lamar Lunsford
  • My Name is John Johanna – Kelly Harrell
  • Half Mile Down – Old Crow Medecine Show
  • What Have You Done -The Charles River Valley Boys
  • Great Big World / Purple Trees of Colorado – Tony Trischka
  • Le Port Du Nord – T- Sale
  • Les Flammes d’En Fer – The Jambalaya Cajun Band

Mode 7 – 04/19/2015

The That This Game Show Show!


The Playlist!

The Last Remnant – Clash of Opposites
The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion – Reign of the Septims
Dragon Age Inquisition – Siege of Adamant
Mass Effect 3 – Mars
Halo 4 – Belly of the Beast

Hohokem – Declination
Resident Evil – Still Dawn
Mirrors Edge – Jacknife
Cave Story – White

Super Paper Mario – The Ultimate Show
Faster than Light – Mantis Battle
Crypt of the Necrodancer – Zone 3 Level 2 Cold New
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Chemical Plant Zone
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes – Title Theme

Final Fantasy VII – Boss Theme
Risk of Rain – Moisture Deficit
Quake II – Quad Machine
Cloud – First Flight
Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater – Snake Eater

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from April 17th, 2015 (“The People’s Platform”) Episode 253

Clip from Parks & Recreation
Intro: “Friction” by Television

“I’m in Control (I Think)” by Vitus Dance

Interview with Astra Taylor

File this set under HD2785 .H16:
“Satanispiritus” by Astaroth
“I’ve Been Dealing with the Devil” by Sonny Boy Williamson

Continued interview with Astra Taylor

File this set under PN192.77 .A1 L67x:
“Holding the Devil’s Hand” by Cindy Lee
“White Ape” by Christine Rosenvinge and Two Dollar Guitar

Continued interview with Astra Taylor

File this set under BF199 .M485:
“Slowly but Surely” by Holly Golightly
“Watch Your Time” by The Fire Dept.

Credits: “Culabra Cut” by The Sea and Cake

“Everything Is” by Neutral Milk Hotel

Stay tuned for the next Lost in the Stacks, “Spotifight” on Friday, April 24th!

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54-46 April 16th 2015

Peter Tosh – The Day The Dollar Die
The Pietasters – Same Old Song
311 – Amber
Echo Movement – Music Played On

Thievery Corporation – Radio Retaliation
Killer Bees – Groovin’
The Cat Empire – Song For The Day

Toots & The Maytals – Country Road
Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Royal Oil
Hepcat – Tek Dat

Slightly Stoopid – No Cocaine

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Is This Love
Snoop Lion – Smoke The Weed
Black Uhuru – Puff She Puff

Stephen Marley – Fed Up

Radiobomb Playlist for April 14th, 2015

7 Orbits by Aeronautix
Lydia’s Black Lung by Alice Donut
United and Strong by Agnostic Front
Power by Agnostic Front
Overturning the Rumford Fair Housing Act by The United Suns of Toil
Milk the Smile by Female Demand
Brats in Battalions by Adolescents
I Love You by Adolescents
Lipstick and Razorblades by Starvation Army
Lost in Bollywood (SOS Mix 2) by Boogie Monster
Chlamydia is Not a Flower by Crust
Wrung by Pink City
The Most Exalted Potentate of Love by The Cramps
The Dreaded World by Mazinga
Cream Acres by Wishgift
We’ll Go Machete by Hayward
Fuck Youth by Civil Civic