Radiobomb for November 24th, 2015

Radio Call Sign by Lockjaw
Lust For Power by Plasmid
Guilty Upbringing by Plasmid
And Still by Plasmid
Their Predictions by Plasmid
Lust For Power (2) by Plasmid
American Jesus by Bad Religion
Infected by Bad Religion
Billy by Bad Religion
The World Won’t Stop by Bad Religion
Luftslott [EP] by Totalitar
Astral Trip by Gudon
Raw Meat by Gag
California Uber Allies by Dead Kennedys
Life Sentence by Dead Kennedys
Viva Las Vegas by Dead Kennedys
Babylon’s Burning by The Ruts
Dope For Guns by The Ruts
S.U.S. by The Ruts
Something That I Said by The Ruts

Freaker’s Ball | #29 | 2015 November 24

cover of "Brain Salad Surgery" by ELP

Sweet Icarus, the wings of destiny wrought by the savage sun; begone Nihilists! Your feast is elsewhere. Kiss its sweet forehead a gentle-goodnight, shift its weight into the flaming chariot, and make known the spite of Ba’al. Freaker’s Ball.

Track List

  1. “Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression” by Emerson, Lake & Palmer on Brain Salad Surgery released 1973.
  2. “I’m With You” by Love on Four Sail released 1969.
  3. “The Shepherd’s Song” by Strawbs on From the Witchwood released 1971.
  4. “Vehicle” by The Ides of March on Vehicle released 1970.
  5. “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)” by  Genesis on Selling England by the Pound released 1973.
  6. “Southern Woman” by The Marshall Tucker Band on A New Life released 1974.
  7. “No One Together” by Kansas on Audio-Visions recorded 1979.
  8. “Carry Me, Carrie” by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show on Sloppy Seconds released 1972.

Shillelagh Law 11/23/2015

  • Haul Away Joe – Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
  • South Australia – Johnny Collins
  • Bully in the Alley – Morrigan
  • Jolly Roving Tar – Jeff Warner
  • Old Maui – The Dreadnaughts
  • The Girls Around Cape Horn – Tom Goux & Jacek Sulanowski
  • Johnny Leave Her – The High Kings
  • Punjab Paddy – Gaelic Storm
  • McAlpine’s Fusiliers – The Rumjacks
  • The Worst Day Since Yesterday – Flogging Molly
  • Amazing Grace – Dropkick Murphys
  • Danny Boy – Happy Ol’McWeasel
  • Come Out Ye Black and Tans – Auld Corn Brigade
  • Loch Lomond – The Real McKenzies
  • The Minstrel Boy – Enter the Haggis
  • The Irish Rover – The Tossers
  • Wild Rover – The Clans
  • St. Brendan’s Fair Isle – The Irish Rovers
  • Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore – Young Dubliners

Tapas and Tunes – 11.23.2015

  • Los Indios Tabajaros – Maria Elena
  • Conjunto Rumbavana – No Me Llores
  • Los Panchos – No Me Quieras Tanto
  • Eliades Ochoa – Que Lío Compay Andrés
  • Manuel Guajiro Mirabal – Mi Corazon No Tiene Quien Lo Llore
  • Joe Arroyo – Barranquillera
  • Abelardo Barrosso – El Preso
  • Grupo Afrocubana de Matanzas – El Misterio
  • Joropo Con Estribillo Cotorreao – Juan Jiménez
  • Tito Puente – Mambo Diablo
  • Cuarteto Tiempo – De Cigarro En Cigarro
  • Carlos Montoya – Gaita Gallega
  • Fania All-Stars – Congo Bongo (with Mongo Santamaria and Ray Barato)

Mode 7 – 11/22/15


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Final Fantasy 7 – Main Theme
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass – Island Life
Kingdom Hearts 2 – Lazy Afternoons
Final Fantasy XIV – La Noscea Town Theme

Gravity Rush – Old Town
Gravity Rush – Resistance and Extermination
Silent Hill 3 – Walk On Vanity Ruins
Wild Arms – Town
Psychic Force – Tears and Flow

Portal 2 – Turret Opera
Street Fighter EX3 – Strange Sunset (Guile’s Theme)
Transformers: Devastation – Fight Theme 3
League of Legends – Bit Rush

The Guided Fate Paradox – God and the Illusory Garden
BlazBlue – Thin Red Line
Kirby Super Star – Meta Knights Theme