Mode 7 – 03/01/15

The March FIRST Show!

Brett’s back!

The Playlist!
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance – La Cloche
Kid Icarus: Uprising – Phoenix Mountain
WOW: Wrath of the Lich King – Totems of the Grizzlemaw

Rayman: Origins – Lums of the Water
Sonic Colors – Planet Wisp: Act 1
Pokemon X and Y – KISEKI
Ducktails: Remastered – Moon Theme

Xenoblade Chronicles – Mechonis Field
Pokemon XD – Miror B
Crash Twinsanity – Rooftop Rampage
Mega Man 9 – Tornado Man

Starcraft 2 – Banelings
Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door – Rock Hawk Rock
Crimson Shroud – Seven Years
Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage – Metropolis
Skyrim – Streets of Whiterun
Chameleon Twist – Jungle Land 2

Desoto Hour – 2/28/15

The Last Day of February Show!

So long, February!

The Playlist

Jan Savitt

Rose of the Rio Grande
Blues in the Groove
It’s Time to Jump And Shout
Green Goon Jive
My Heart at thy Sweet Voice
Meadowbrook Shuffle
Big Beaver

That’s A Plenty
When Buddha Smiles
I’ll Always Be IN Love With You
Vol Vistu Gaily Star
720 on the Books
Alla En El Rancho Grande
It’s A Wonderful World

Blue Rhythm Band – St. Louis Wiggle Rhythm
Erskine Hawkins – Uproar Shout
Red Norvo – Remember
Ben Pollack – Jimtown Blues
Earl Hines – Flanny Doodle Swing
Jimmie Lunceford – Uptown Blues
Count Basie – Riff Interlude
Benny Goodman – Stealin’ Apples

Ella Fitzgerald – Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey
Duke Ellington – Trumpet no end
Xavier Cugat – Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White
Xavier Cugat – Perfidia
Benny Goodman – Sing Sing Sing from Carnegie Hall

Casa Loma Orchestra – San Sue Strut
Claude Hopkins – Mush Mouth
Lazy Rhapsody – Duke Ellington
Don Redman – That Blue Eyed Baby From Memphis
The Man From Harlem – Cab Calloway
Fletcher Henderson – Let’s Get Together
Teddy Hill – Passionette

Bobby Hackett – Street of Dreams
Louis Armstrong – Mack the Knife
Billy Holiday – Fine and Mellow

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from February 27th, 2015 (“The Librarians on Television”) Episode 246

Intro: “Friction” by Television

“Action Time Vision” by Alternative TV

Interview with John Rogers (Kung Fu Monkey Productions)

File this set under PR6045 .H2 O53:
“Cold Dark Night” by White Murder
“That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate” by Mission of Burma

Continued interview with John Rogers

File this set under PN1997 .P85:
“Brotherhood of Death” by Apollo Sunshine
“Runnin’ With The Devil” BY Van Halen

Continued interview with John Rogers

File this set under Z674 .M3:
“Participation” by Un Blonde
“Promised Land” by Skeletal Family
“Library Book” by The Faders

Credits: “Culabra Cut” by The Sea and Cake

“We’re Having Much More Fun” by X

Mailbag: “Into The Void (Sealth)” by Soundgarden

Stay tuned for the next Lost in the Stacks, “How’s the DPLA Doing?” on Friday, March 6th!

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Shillelagh Law 2/23/2015

  • Lara’s Theme – Campbeltown Pipe Band
  • Leaving of Liverpool – Murder the Stout
  • Space Race – Gaelic Storm
  • Drunken Sailors – Great Big Sea
  • All For Me Grog – Schooner Fare
  • Jolly Roving Tar – Fergus O’Byrne & Jim Payne
  • The Jolly Beggarman – Planxty
  • On the One Road – Wolfe Tones
  • Rocky Road to Dublin – The Pogues
  • The Little Beggarman – The High Kings
  • The Beggarman – Orthodox Celts
  • Lay Your Money Down – Solas
  • Beeswing – Christie Moore
  • Alen Mar – Milesios
  • Medley – Alan Stivell

  • Volcanic Jig – Natalie MacMaster

Kosher Noise Playlist – 2/23/15

Name Artist Album
Mansevo del Dor Deleon Casata
Two Wolves Saul Kaye Jewish Blues, Vol. Two – Kings, Prophets, Brothers
Pitchu Li Chai Fi The Chai Way
Meboli (Featuring Vlada Tomova) Balkan Beat Box Balkan Beat Box
Shbor Ta’Dmama Shi 360
Rece Cica SoCalled Ghettoblaster
Le Marriage Golem Fresh Off Boat
Sarabande David Broza It’s All Or Nothing
Erev Hol’e Berry Sakharof All Or Nothing
Starve Electra Second Hand Love
Brong Faya (Burn Fire) Idan Raichel Project The Idan Raichel Project
Hagiga Bnuaiba Matti Caspi The Best Of Matti Caspi
Shaar Harahamim David Veshlomo David Veshlomo