Psych-Out Playlist for August 13, 2014

  1. Arzachel – Metempsychosis (Arzachel)
  2. Can – Outside My Door (Monster Movie)
  3. Naomi Punk – Rodeo Trash Pit (Television Man)
  4. Carlton Melton – The Splurge (Always Even)
  5. Expo 70 – Journey To The Sun (Sonic Messenger)
  6. The Ivytree – In Meadows (Fat Cat Records Split Series #17 with Chris Smith / Konono No. 1 / The Dead C)

Radiobomb for August 12th, 2014

Born Dead Generation by Bukkake Boys
Ralph by Ralph
Pressure by Predator
Bedlam by Manic
Eternal Feeling by GG King
No Relief by GHB
You’re Out by COPS
Booze Void by Wymyn’s Prysyn
16 by God’s Balls
Fence Yourself In by Gentleman Jesse
It Makes a Sound by COPS
Meth Buddies by Acid Freaks
17 by God’s Balls
Crawl by Vincas
Wheel of Misfortune by Predator
Know Why by Shaved Christ
Mind Police by Bukkake Boys
Cut Your Red by Manic
Heavy Chains by GG King
Bad Mind by Shaved Christ
Mister Fantasy by Ex-Cult
Lost Cause by Cosmic Psychos
At the Mall by Nobunny
Motel, Motel by Gimp Teeth
Cool Rush by Gimp Teeth
New House by Gimp Teeth
Are You a Catholic? by Gimp Teeth
Turn the Lights On by Gimp Teeth
Like Weeds by His Hero is Gone
Raise the Curtain by His Hero is Gone

Goldsoundz – August 12, 2014

Sinkane – “How We Be”

Cold War Kids – “All of This Could Be Yours”
Sir Sly – “You Haunt Me”
Slow Magic – “Hold Still”
Jessie Ware – “Share It All”
Elder Island – “Garden”
Tennis – “My Better Self”
Alvvays – “Adult Diversion”

Ibeyi – “River”
Et Aliae – “W A I T I N G (Ulzzang Pistol Remix)”
Heathers – “Dare”
Futo – “Books on a Shelf”
Emperor X – “Fierce Resource Allocation”
Heart/Dancer – “Waterfalls (Summer Heart Remix)”

Sub Saharan Vibes – August 11, 2014

Artist                          Song

  1. Miriam Makeba – Malaika
  2. Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate – Wonamati
  3. Rais Haj Omar Wahrouch – Aksaid Wili Moudanine
  4. Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba – Ne me fatigue pa
  5. Mamadou Kelly – Goué Ini Bongossé
  6. Insingizi – Amathalenta
  7. Lucky Dube – War & Crime
  8. Vieux Farka Toure – Touri
  9. Jewel Ackah – Maame
  10. Fela Kuti – Army Arrangement

Shillelagh Law – August 11, 2014 (Shenanigans Show)

  • Ramblin Rover
  • Both Sides the Tweed
  • Cruiscan Lan
  • Ileana Rune
  • Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile
  • Violate Me (Violet Time)
  • Danny Boy
  • Minstrel Boy Mashup
  • I Will Follow My Queen
  • Unquiet Grave
  • Queen of Argyll
  • Bangers and Mashup – A Celtic Medley in D