NaNoWriMo and Inspiration –

nanowrimo.org – the whole shebang

Perry part of Nanowrimo – Lord Parsiful – Protagonist, Psychic, in a world invaded by aliens. Teach humans physic powers so he can hunt humans for sport .


Inspirations –

Perry – Earthbound, Real-Life, Politics

  • Merbahba
  • Random Generators – 7th Sanctum

Jamie – Lisa Yaszek, starts with a scenario or ethical issue

Travis – Earthbound and Magic the Gathering

Seth – Consumption of Media, “for everything you writing, read twice as much”

Connor – World Building, sifting through lore to understand.  Star Wars, Dragon Age


Magic Styles – Wild (no structure), Structured (known rules)

Culture Creation – Draw on your research

Radiobomb for November 3rd, 2015

Radio Call Sign by Lockjaw
The Prisoner by D.O.A.
When the Tanks Roll (Over Poland Again) by The Automatics
Amoeba by The Adolescents
In Love This Way by Descendents
Tell Me by Corrosion Of Conformity
Minds Are Controller by Corrosion Of Conformity
Rebellion by Translated
Eye Sight To The Blind by Translated
A Look At Tomorrow by DOOM
Stop The Slaughter by DOOM
All For Nothing by D.R.I.
Manifest Destiny by D.R.I.
Gone Too Long by D.R.I.
Flak Jacket by Sore Throat
Reagan Youth by Reagan Youth
New Aryans by Reagan Youth
Anytown by Reagan Youth
In Dog We Trust by Reagan Youth
Too Young To Die by Agent Orange
Everything Turns Grey by Agent Orange
Miserlou by Agent Orange
The Last Goodbye by Agent Orange
No Such Thing by Agent Orange

Goldsoundz – November 3rd, 2015

Violet – “Mud”
Peluché – “Ohio”
LittleBoyBigHeadonBike – “My Head is Empty”
Hello Shark – “Christmas Eve”
Sound is Lovv – “Take Me With You”
Sad Fish – “Sad Man At Jack’s”

Shannon and the Clams – “It’s Too Late”
Little Wings – “I Willn’t be a Prisoner”
Micachu and the Shapes – “Heaven”
Frankie Cosmos – “Art School”
Memory Tapes – “House on Fire”
Here We Go Magic – “Falling”

No Joy – “Everything New”
TENDER – “Belong”
Elenor Friedberger – “He Didn’t Mention His Mother”

DIET – “Your House”

Freaker’s Ball | #26 | 2015 November 3

Cover of "Trout Mask Replica" by Captain Beefheart

It’s a solo Mitchell show again today, and you know what that means. Today’s show marks the first appearance of Strawbs and Spirit, two bands I’d very much like to have show up more in our setlist. And I swear this is the last time in a while I’ll play Gentle Giant; they’re so hard to resist, but I’ll manage.

Track List

  1. “Hoedown” by Emerson, Lake & Palmer on Trilogy released 1972
  2. “Pantagruel’s Nativity” by Gentle Giant on Acquiring the Taste released 1971
  3. “Dawn” by The Moody Blues on Days of Future Passed released 1967
  4. “Queen of Dreams” by Strawbs on Grave New World released 1972
  5. “Brother Louie” by Stories on About Us released 1973
  6. “Jungle Boogie” by Kool & The Gang on Wild and Peaceful released 1973
  7. “As Long as He Lies Perfectly Still” by The Soft Machine on Volume Two released 1969
  8. “When Big Joan Sets Up” by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band on Trout Mask Replica released 1969
  9. “Taurus” by Spirit on Spirit released 1968
  10. “La Villa Strangiato” by Rush on Hemispheres released 1978

slow riot 11/02: janitorial staff will be fired in cases of mismanagement

artist — track
the end of the ocean — we always think there is going to be more time
the end of the ocean — star-crossed
lions and scissors — electric sheep
lions and scissors — ambient rift
lions and scissors — key twenty-three
lions and scissors — coney island
loraine — …kablooie
loraine — after everything, more than anything
loraine — hello, morning
loraine — heaven
loraine — jonathan lou

april rain — majdanek Of mine
colaris — cluster
barrows — beyond
pelican — drought
cloudkicker — intro to woum
cloudkicker — trim splint
cloudkicker — emfargo
cloudkicker — plurals
cloudkicker — threaded
cloudkicker — dovetail
cloudkicker — mou