Psych-Out! Playlist for July 16, 2014

  1. Gnod – Tron (Chaudelande)
  2. Purling Hiss – Malice In Wonderland (Public Service Announcement)
  3. Ed Askew – Oh, All the Gold and Green Eyes (Little Eyes)
  4. Psychatrone Rhonedakk – Oh Well (Cyber Space Rituals)
  5. Silver Apples – I Don’t Care What the People Say (The Garden)
  6. Chris Forsyth – Soft History Master (Dreams)
  7. Dead Meadow – The White Worm (Peel Sessions)
  8. Träd Gräs Och Stenar – Don’t Fear the Northern Lights (Hemiösa Katter)

Radiobomb for July 15th, 2014

Out of Vogue by The Middle Class
Beat My Head Against the Wall by Black Flag
Paid Vacation by Circle Jerks
Danger Zone by China White
Be a Good Robot by The Vandals
Problem Child by Wasted Youth
Bloodstains by Agent Orange
Ha Ha Ha by Flipper
I Got a Gun by Channel 3
Not of This Earth by Angry Samoans
Child Hosts the Parasite by Rebel Truth
I Don’t Wanna Die For My Country by Square Cools
Sad Little Girl by Screeching Weasel
Happy Now by Isocracy
Consumed by Your Greed by Detestation
Red, White, and Blue by Resist
The Solution… by Resist
Green by Resist
Throw the First Stone by Shades of Grey
Capitalism Must Come to an End by Shades of Grey
A Vicious Circle by Shades of Grey
Point of No Return by Shades of Grey
Silence by Shades of Grey
2018 by The Spits
Trouble by The Spits

Goldsoundz – July 15, 2014

Grace Joyner – “Young Thing”
De Lux – “Better At Making Time”
Silver Hills – “Plasticine Dreams”

Cumulus – “Hey Love”
Summer Heart – “I Wanna Go”
MotivationalSpeeches – “Sitcom – Living Room”

Animal Collective – “Today’s Supernatural”
Battles – “Ice Cream”

The Colourist – “Little Games”
El Guincho – “Bombay”
Metronomy – “The Look”

Ben Khan – “Youth”
Brika – “Mumbai”

Sub Saharan Vibes – July 14, 2014

Artist                                        Song

  1. Youssou N’dour                          Baay Faal
  2. Le Grand Kalle                           Nalongoli Motema
  3. Alému Aga                                  Selé Sené Seqlét
  4. Juluka                                         Fever
  5. Bonga                                         Kinga Kueta
  6. Toumast                                     Tallyatidagh (That Girl)
  7. Oumou Sangare                         Mani Djindala
  8. Fatoumata Diawara                    Alama
  9. Salif Keita                                   Yele n Na
  10. Angelique Kidjo                           Wele
  11. Bongos Ikwue & Double X         Kongo Soldier
  12. Sam Mangwana                         Zala Sportif

Shillelagh Law 7/14/2014

  • Medley – LandLoch’d
  • Sound the Pibroch – The Stout
  • Caledonia – Emerald Rose
  • My Heart’s In Cape Breton Tonight – Schooner Fare
  • The Litter and the Leaves – Enter the Haggis
  • Devil’s Dance Floor – Flogging Molly
  • If I Should Fall From the Grace of God – The Pogues
  • Punjab Paddy – Gaelic Storm
  • Big Strong Man – The Blaggards
  • The Rattlin’ Bog – Darby O’Gill
  • Twa Recruiting Sergeants – North Sea Gas
  • I Will Go – Scythian
  • The Foggy Dew – The Dubliners
  • Chì mi na mòrbheanna – The Rankin Family