Guided by Pollard: A Guided by Voices Sunday Special – 11/9/2014

“Crux” off of the album Devil Between My Toes
“I Certainly Hope Not” off of the album Sandbox
“Liar’s Tale” off of the album Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia
“When She Turns 50″ off of the album Same Place The Fly Got Smashed

“Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Boy” off of the album Propeller
“Gleemer (The Deeds Of Fertile Jim)” off of the album Vampire On Titus
“Squirmish Frontal Room” off of the album King Sh*t & The Golden Boys
“Melted Pat” off of the album Get Out Of My Stations

“Smothered In Hugs” off of the album Bee Thousand
“I Am A Scientist” off of the album Bee Thousand
“My Valuable Hunting Knife” off of the album Alien Lanes
“Watch Me Jumpstart” off of the album Alien Lanes
“Game of Pricks” off of the album Alien Lanes
“Always Crush Me ” off of the album Alien Lanes
“As We Go Up, We Go Down” off of the album Alien Lanes

“To Remake The Young Flyer” off of the album Under The Bushes Under The Stars
“If We Wait” off of the album Sunfish Holy Breakfast
“I Am A Tree” off of the album Mag Earwhig!
“Hold On Hope” off of the album Do The Collapse

“A Crick Uphill” off of the Hold On Hope EP
“Pink Drink” off of the album Suitcase – Failed Experiments and Trashed Aircraft
“Chasing Heather Crazy” off of the album Isolation Drills
“Glad Girls” off of the album Isolation Drills

“Back to the Lake” off of the album Universal Truths and Cycles
“Request Pharmaceuticals” off of the album The Pipe Dreams of Instant Prince Whippet
“The Best Of Jill Hives” off of the album Earthquake Glue
“Beat Your Wings ” off of the album Earthquake Glue
“The Main Street Wizards” off of the album Earthquake Glue
“Gonna Never Have To Die” off of the album Half Smiles Of The Decomposed

Off of the album Sing for Your Meat – A Tribute to Guided By Voices:
“Watch Me Jumpstart” by La Sera
“Everywhere With Helicopter” by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
“Man Called Aerodynamics” by Elf Power

“My Valuable Hunting Knife” by Motion City Soundtrack
“Shocker In Gloomtown” by The Breeders
“I Am a Scientist” by Mates of State
“Game Of Pricks” by Jimmy Eat World

Off of the Salinas Records’ Guided By Voices Tribute 7″:
“A Good Flying Bird” by Screaming Females
“The Official Ironmen Rally Song” by Swearin’

“A Salty Salute” by Eternal Summers

Off of the Salinas Records’ Guided By Voices Tribute 7″:
“Chasing Heather Crazy” by Upset
“Liar’s Tale” by Waxahatchee

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Back Alley Pork Roost – November 9, 2014

  • Railroad- Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn
  • Katrina -Red Stick Ramblers
  • Lonesome and a Long Way From Home- New Grass Revival
  • Swag Bag Rag- Tony Trischka
  • The Ballad of Ira Hayes – Johnny Cash
  • Nobody’s Darling But Mine – The Osborne Brothers
  • Yankee’s Revenge (Medley) – David Bromberg Band
  • Hog Potato – Yonder Mountain String Band
  • Song For A Young Queen – Chris Thile
  • Not So Lucky – Seven Handle Circus
  • You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive – Darrell Scott
  • Silver Tongued Devil – Kris Kristofferson

Mode 7 – 11/09/2014

The A La Cartridge Show!

Tonight we played all cartridge based games! WOO!


Mr. Gimmick – Happy Birthday
Mr. Gimmick – Slow Illusion
Silver Surfer – Level 1
Pictionary – Title Screen
Solstice – Title Screen

Sunsoft Set!
Heberke – SUNSOFT
Raf World – Stage 1
Shounen Ninja Sasuke (Young ninja sasuke and his monk friend chin-nan embark on a quest to rescue a princess kidnapped by an evil warlord)
Blaster Master
Heberke – Some Song

OutRun – Passing Breeze
Chrono Trigger – Main Theme
Chrono Trigger – Corridors of Time
Dragon Quest III – Overworld

Final Fantasy 1 – Wonderwan Boss Battle
Final Fantasy VI – Terra’s Theme
Final Fantasy VI – The Serpent Trench
Final Fantasy II – Airship Theme

Top Gear – Track 1
Sonic 2 – Aquatic Ruins
Sonic – Spring Yard Zone

Desoto Hour – 11/08/2014

The Laid-Back Show!

We had some requests for Desi and Carmen tonight, and they were absolutely wonderful! We’ll be playing them in the future!


Frankie Carle

I’m Gonna See My Baby
Lonely Love
La Rosita
I Surrender, Dear
My Baby Said Yes
Swannee River

Ted Lewis

The Best Things In Life Are Free
** Artie Shaw – Begin the Beguine
King For A Day
Sing a Little Love Song For Your Baby
Good Night

Frankie Carle

Semper Fidelis
The Trolley SOng
Stars in your Eyes
A Little Consideration
I’d Rather Be Me
Whistler’s Mother in Law

Ted Lewis

When My Baby Smiles at me
I’m The Medicine Man for the Blues
St. Louis Blues
Jazz Me BLues
Tiger Rag

Peggie Lee Sings with Benny Goodman

How Long has this been Going On
That Did It, Marie
Elmer’s Tune
I Threw a Kiss in the Ocean\
We’ll Meet Again

Dean Martin and Peggy Lee – You Was
Desi Arnaz- Rumba Matumba
Desi Arnaz- I Come from New York
Desi Arnaz y su orquesta: canta Elsa Miranda

Peggie Lee Sings with Benny Goodman

My Old Flame
That’s the Way It Goes
All I Need Is You
Not a Care in the World
Full Moon

Carmen Miranda – Chica Chica Boom Chic
Carmen Miranda – O QUE É QUE A BAIANA TEM
Carmen Miranda – Rebola a Bola

Benny Goodman with Jelly Roll Morton & ORCH – King Porter Stomp

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from November 7th, 2014 (“The Library Beyond The Book”) Episode 232

Clip from Cold Storage
Intro: “Friction” by Television

“Ask The Angels” by Patti Smith

Interview with Jeffery Schnapp and Matthew Battles (Harvard University)

File this set under TP372.2 .N37x:
“Concrete Corners” by Dark Furs
“Citadel” by Rolling Stones

Continued interview with Jeffery Schnapp and Matthew Battles

File this set under BF431 .H318:
“I’d Like To Walk Around In Your Mind” by Vashti Bunyan
“Get” by Blurt
“More Mittens” by The Happy Flowers

Continued interview with Jeffery Schnapp and Matthew Battles

File this set under HM554 .B48:
“Destroy What Destroys You” by Ulysses Heiller
“Calling All Destroyers” by T. Rex

Credits: “Closer” by NIN

“Funtime” by Iggy Pop

Mailbag: “Fopp” by Soundgarden

Stay tuned for the next Lost in the Stacks, “…or Equivalent Education/Experience” on Friday, November 14th!

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