Shillelagh Law 2/23/2015

  • Lara’s Theme – Campbeltown Pipe Band
  • Leaving of Liverpool – Murder the Stout
  • Space Race – Gaelic Storm
  • Drunken Sailors – Great Big Sea
  • All For Me Grog – Schooner Fare
  • Jolly Roving Tar – Fergus O’Byrne & Jim Payne
  • The Jolly Beggarman – Planxty
  • On the One Road – Wolfe Tones
  • Rocky Road to Dublin – The Pogues
  • The Little Beggarman – The High Kings
  • The Beggarman – Orthodox Celts
  • Lay Your Money Down – Solas
  • Beeswing – Christie Moore
  • Alen Mar – Milesios
  • Medley – Alan Stivell

  • Volcanic Jig – Natalie MacMaster

Kosher Noise Playlist – 2/23/15

Name Artist Album
Mansevo del Dor Deleon Casata
Two Wolves Saul Kaye Jewish Blues, Vol. Two – Kings, Prophets, Brothers
Pitchu Li Chai Fi The Chai Way
Meboli (Featuring Vlada Tomova) Balkan Beat Box Balkan Beat Box
Shbor Ta’Dmama Shi 360
Rece Cica SoCalled Ghettoblaster
Le Marriage Golem Fresh Off Boat
Sarabande David Broza It’s All Or Nothing
Erev Hol’e Berry Sakharof All Or Nothing
Starve Electra Second Hand Love
Brong Faya (Burn Fire) Idan Raichel Project The Idan Raichel Project
Hagiga Bnuaiba Matti Caspi The Best Of Matti Caspi
Shaar Harahamim David Veshlomo David Veshlomo


Tapas and Tunes – 2.23.2015

  • Astor Piazzolla – Tangata del Alba
  • Saul Vera – Historia, llano y leyenda
  • La Populär – Landino
  • Mercedes Sosa – Gracias A La Vida
  • Violeta Parra – Hace falta un guerrillero
  • Rodrigo y Gabriela – Santo Domingo
  • Tomatito – Asomao A Mi Ventana
  • Paco de Lucía – Almoraima
  • Pepe and the Bottle Blondes – Cuentame Que Te Paso
  • Diómedes Díaz – No Comprendo
  • Totó la Momposina – La Verdolaga
  • Alberto Barros – El Pescador
  • Juanes – La Noche
  • DJ Raff – Latino & Proud


Suugaku no Uta for 02/22/2015

doubutsu no karada by haisuinonasa
chikatetsu no doutai by haisuinonasa
yumemita ao by tayuta
fuguefat by the octopus project
april by loop pool
to… by lili limit
compass by uchuu conbini
mudai by marmalade butcher
omatsuri mo~do by chouchou merged syrups.
oyasumi by tricot
bond by lite
chapter square by low-pass
nipple cider by mothercoat
sun by moma
tin toy by mirror
r.o.d. (stayed in shell by mudy on the sakuban
teenager by rega
tongpoo by nuito
goodbye by toe
hanna by kanno yoko
nc17 by kanno yoko
an association game+ by how to count one to ten
semiautomatic by how to count one to ten
chinmoku-chuu no hyoujou ni koso, kotoba erabi ni masaru hontou no yuuben ga “sonzai” suru. by te’
happi sanraizu by sansojuubai
himitsu girl’s top secret by zazen boys

Mode 7 – 02/22/2015

The No Theme Show!

Improvisation from Richard!

The Playlist!
Bayonetta – Mysterious Destiny
Bayonetta 2 – Tomorrow is Mine
Zelda: Majora’s Mask – Song of Healing (Normal Activity)

FTL – Space Cruise (Title Theme)
Ducktails Remastered – Moon Theme
Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World – Makin’ the Movies
Shovel Knight – Underlying Problem (Mole Knight Stage)
Super Mario 3D World – World Bowser
Chrono Trigger – Guardia Castle
Chrono Trigger – Battle

Dragon’s Dogma – Into Fire
Gravity Rush – Gravity Storm
Puppeteer – Kutaro
Final Fantasy 7 – Battle Theme
Final Fantasy 13 – Saber’s Edge
Mario Kart 64 – Toad’s Turnpike

Zelda: Link Between World – Final Battle (Milk Bar)
Risk Of Rain – Moisture Deficit
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – Heavens Divide
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Mystic Cave Zone
Cave Story 3D – Running Hell