New Forces

Tuesday 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Genres: Punk, Garage, Girl Group, Power Pop, Psychedelic, Psychedelic Rock
Hosts: Matthew Richner, Michael Leon

Every Tuesday night from 11pm to midnight, we air The New Forces Radio Hour!! We play Punk, Garage, Girl Group, Powerpop, and Psychedelic favorites. From no names to big names you can find it all here.

The last show (128kbps / 24kbps)

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The show before (128kbps / 24kbps)

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New Forces Playlist 6/4/2013

Reading Rainbow – “Wasting Time”
Dum Dum Girls – “Jail La La”
Sonics – “The Witch”
Screaming Females – “Skull”
Smart Went Crazy – “A Good Day”
The Thermals – “You Will Find Me”
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – “The Crane Takes Flight”
13th Floor Elevators – “You’re Gonna Miss Me”
The Outsiders – “Time Won’t Let Me”
Minutemen – “History Lesson, Pt. 2″
Japandroids – “Wet Hair”
Jay Reatard – “Greed, Money, Useless Children”
Ty Segall – “Girlfriend”
Shannon and the Clams – “Sleep Talk”
Laura Stevenson and the Cans – “Landslide Song/The Dig”
The So So Glos – “Son of an American”

New Forces – Garage Bands Special 3/5/2013

The Sound Extraction – “I Feel Like Crying”
The Passions – “Lively One”
The Todes – “137 Grooves Below Zero”
The Enchanters 4 – “Like Tuff”
Spyder & The Mustangs – “So Long Child”
The Galaboochees – “I’ll Never Work Out”
Wee & The Revelations – “Somebody to Love”
Rollin’ Ramsaxes – “You’ve Hurt Me So”
The Cedars – “I Don’t Know Why”
The Syn – “Flowerman”
Sounds Incorporated – “William Tell”
The Vy-dels – “Unknown”
The Vistas – “Ghost Wave”
The Breakers – “Jet Stream”
Wild Giraffes – “New Era”
The Dirty Shames – “I Don’t Care”
The Levis – “Hear What I Say”
The Monks – “Drugs In My Pocket”
The Traits – “Nobody Loves The Hulk”
The Wooly Ones – “Put Her Down”
Cyclones – “She’s No Good”
The X-Ray Harpoons – “Phantom On My Mind”

New Forces Playlist 2/19/2013

The Chamelons – Second Skin off the album Script of the Bridge.
Japandroids – Wet Hair off the album Post-Nothing.
Jay Reatard – My Shadow off the album Blood Visions.
The Sound – I Can’t Escape Myself off the album Jeopardy.
Go Sailor – Last Year off the album Go Sailor.
Ty Segall – Thank God for Sinners off the album Twins.
Minutemen – Viet Nam off the album Double Nickels on the Dime.
The Men – Open Your Heart off the album Open Your Heart.
Pile – Prom Song off the album Dripping.
Sleater-Kinney – I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone off the album Call the Doctor.
Bikini Kill – Carnival off the album Bikini Kill.
Violent Femmes – Blister in the Sun off the album Violent Femmes.
Wire – Surgeon’s Girl/Field Day for the Sundays/Three Girl Rhumba off the album Pink Flag.
Husker Du – Something I Learned off the album Zen Arcade.
Delicate Steve – Positive Force off the album Positive Force.
Television – Elevation off the album Marquee Moon.

New Forces Playlist 2/12/2013

Black Randy and the Metrosquad – “Down at the Laundrymat” off the album Pass the Dust, I Think I’m Bowie
Eater – “Jeepster” off the album The Compleat Eater
The Boys – “Soda Pressing” off the album The Boys
Bikini Kill – “Jigsaw Youth” off the album CD Version of the First Two Records
The Dils – “Mr. Big” off the album Class War
Babes in Toyland – “You’re Right” off the album Spanking Machine
Team Dresch – “Take On Me” off the album Captain My Captain
7 Year Bitch – “Rockabye” off the album Viva Zapata!
Huggy Bear – “T-Shirt Tucked In” off the album Our Troubled Youth
Dead Boys – “Sonic Reducer” off the album Young Loud and Snotty
L7 – “Mr. Integrity” off the album Bricks Are Heavy
Bitch Alert – “Sick Boy” off the album Pay For Orgasm
Skinned Teen – “Ex-Boyfriend Beat” off the album Null
Free Kitten – “Oh Bondage, Up Yours!” off the album Unboxed
Crime – “Rockabilly Drugstore” off the album San Francisco’s STILL Doomed
The Lords of the New Church – “Girls Girls Girls” off the album Killer Lords
The Lords of the New Church – “Like a Virgin” off the album Just Can’t Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80s
The Real Kids – “All Kindsa Girls” off the album Better Be Good

New Forces Playlist 2/5/2013 – Reg Presley Tribute Show

The Troggs – “Save The Last Dance For Me” off the album The Troggs

The Troggs – “With a Girl Like You” off the album Wild Thing

The Troggs – “Wild Thing” off the album Wild Thing

****Click here to listen to The Trogg Tapes****

The Stooges – “Down on the Street” off the album Fun House

Buzzcocks – “I Can’t Control Myself” off the album Time’s Up

MC5 – “I Want You Right Now” off the album Kick Out The Jams

Ty Segall – “My Head Explodes” off the album Goodbye Bread

The Chocolate Watch Band – “Dark Side of the Mushroom” off the album No Way Out

Count Five – “The Morning After” off the album Psychotic Reaction

The Ramones – “I Can’t Control Myself” off the album Acid Eaters

The Pleasure Fuckers – “Feels Like a Woman” off the album Ripped to the Tits

Supersnazz – “From Home” off the album Diode City

Boys From Nowhere – “6-5-4-3-2-1″

Mooseheart Faith – “Love is All Around”

The Mummies – “Your Love” off the Stronger Than Dirt 7″

Thee Headcoats – “I Want You to Come Into My Life”

Groovie Ghoulies – “Girl In Black”

The A-Bones – “You Can’t Beat It”

The Bevis Frond – “When Will the Rain Come?”