Mode 7

Mode 7 – 11/2/14

The No Guitars Show!

THE ULTIMATE STRUGGLE: Brett tries to go a whole show without playing any guitars!


The Challenge Begins

WOW: Burning Crusade – Lament of the Highborne
Shovel Knight – The Vital Vitrol
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door – The Glitz Pit
Sly Cooper 2 – Break Out Sly
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Death Sword

Still Holding Strong with No Guitar November
Mega Man 5 – Proto Man Fortress
Half-Life 2 – Apprehension and Evasion
Kid Icarus Uprising – Ring of Chaos
Miiverse – Theme (remix by Anthony Seeha)

Retired Tracks (These Don’t Count!)

Blue Dragon – Exceed the Land
Blue Dragon – State of Emergency
Okami – Demn Lord Ninetails
Okami – Giving Kushinanda a Ride

New Challengers Approach!
Xenoblade Chronicles – Makna Forest, Day Theme
Xenoblade Chronicles – Sword Valley
Darksiders 2 – The Makers Fight Back
Darksiders 2 – The Corruption

Mode7 – 10/26/14

Boss Rush!

We did a special this week about our favorite boss themes in video games! Our evil dopplegangers dropped by!


Guacamelee – Boss Theme
Kirby Epic Yarn – Vs. Yin Yang
Mother 3 – Porky’s Pokies
Golden Sun – Final Boss
Super Mario 3D World – Hisstocrat

Cave Story – Boss 1 Theme
MGS3 – Final Boss Theme
Metroid Prime – Metroid Prime Boss
Super Smash Bros – Master Hand
Castle Crashers – Necromancer Theme
Shadow of the Colossus – Despair filled farewell

Rayman Origins – Land of the Livid Dead
Hyrule Warriors – Eclipse of the Moon
Blue Dragon – Eternity
Metal Gear Rising Revengance – Hot Wind Blowing
Kindgom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance – L’Osurita dell’ignot
Pokemon X and Y – Battle (Champion)
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Mode 7 – 10/19/14

The Party Show!

There’s so many people in the station :D.


Super Mario Sunshine – Secret Course
Puppeteer – Kutaro
Insananely Twisted Shadow Planet
Cave Story – Onto Grass Town
Castle Crashers – Forest Entrance

Scott Pilgrim – Wilderness Sabadical
Papers Please – Theme
Little Inferno – Reporting from the Weather Balloon
Octodad – Octodad Theme
F-Zero GX – Octoman THeme

Zelda II: Adventure of Link – Temple Theme (Smooth McGroove)
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Main Menu
Flower – Sailing on the Wind
LoL – Frejord Theme
Okamiden – Preparing for Action!

Crash Twinsanity – Rooftop Rampage
Tokyo Jungle – Survival Mode B-2
Metroid – NES Title Theme
Paper Mario Sticker Star – Go Go Trolley
Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater – Snake Eater

Mode7 – 10/12

The Fall Break Show!

I queried the station about good songs to play and this is the show that got created! Special guest: TAYLOR! (Above picture from Kirby: The Crystal Shards).


Captain – Space Debris (An amiga tracker song)
Binding of Issac: Rebirth – Diptera Sonata
Chrono Cross – Dream of the Shore Near Another World

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Turnabout Sisters
Pokemon Gold/Silver – New Bark Town (Garsidetogo)
Ristar – Splash Down
TowerFall Ascension – Title

Chrono Cross – Dreams of the Shore Near Another World Remix (Thomas Prime)
NaissanceE – Les Louves

Needle And Stitch – Harvey’s New Eyes Theme Song
Putt Putt Travels Through Time – Time Continuum Song
Earthbound – Pollyanna

Super Mario Bros – Castle Theme (Nylithia)
Fear and Loathing In Viridian Forest – Love Through Cannibalism – Metapodestroyer
G-Darius – Main Menu Theme
Grim Fandango – Opening Credits
Zelda Minish Cap – Hyrule Field

Mode 7 Playlist – 10/5/14


TK, Shut Up and Remix.

Late To The Party, Not The Jams
LoZ: Skyward Sword – Bamboo Island
Sonic and the Black Knight – Great Megalith
Mega Man 9 – Flash in the Dark (Wily Stage 1)
Shovel Knight – An Underlying Problem ( The Lost City)

Jam With The Rest…
Mega Man Rock Force – Photon Man
MLP: Fighting is Magic – Oni Stage Theme
Mari0 (Mario with Portal Guns!) – Mari0 Medley
Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden – Main Theme

Slam With The Best
Hotline Miami – Hydrogen
Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon – Enchanted Towers Skate Park
Super Sm4sh Bros. (3DS) – Gerudo Valley