Mode 7

Mode 7 – 02/07/16

The Bunnyhop Show!

Tonight we had a special episode guest hosted by our friend, Taylor Burdette! He interviewed Atlanta video game journalist, George Weidman, who runs Super Bunnyhop on Youtube.
You can check George out here:
and you can check us out here!

The Playlist!
Chrono Cross – Life/Faraway Promise
Copy Kitty – Blueberry Explosion
Aivi & Surasshu – Lonely Rolling Star (Missing You)

Mode 7 – 01/31/16

The TRI Show!

This week Brett, Brian, and Jae Du took over and ran the show!

The Playlist!
Crash Twinsanity – Classroom Chaos
Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams – Track 2
Megaman 9 – Concrete Man
Pokemon: Coleseum – Pyrite Town
Xenoblade Chronicles X – z7b2012lp0427arr
Final Fantasy Explorers – Suspect Ground
Final Fantasy Explorers – Chocobo Lock

Sonic and the Black Knight – Shrouded Forest
Kingdom Hearts II – Passion
Kid Icarus: Uprising – Chaos Island
Hyrule Warriors – Hammer of Stones

Breath of Fire 3 – Fight
Star Ocean: The Second Story – Forever
Super Robot Wars J – Fate
Front Mission 5 – Scars of the War
Super Robot War Original Generation – The Gaia Savior
Splatoon – DJ Octavian (Phase 2) (RedAlice Remix)

Mode 7 – 01/24/15

The Accidental Ninja Show!

We had an unintentional ninja set tonight during Mode 7!

Mode 7 Pre-Show!
Battle Clash – Baron
Final Fantasy X – Hurry

The Playlist!

Azure Striker Gunvolt – Today’s Contract
Star Ocean – Battle Theme
Mario Tennis – Game/Break Point
Virtua Racing Deluxe – Replay
Atelier Ayesha – Baby Bird

Final Fantasy IX – Crossing Those Hills
Unreal Tournament ’99 – Run
Metroid II: Return of Samus – Surface of SR388
Threads of Fate – Passing Through the Forest

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon – Ghost Toys Castle
Master Spy – Mission 2
Shadow of the Ninja – Stage 2
Ninja Senki DX – Track 01

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 – Amber Sunset
Knights in the Nightmare – Battle in the Cemetery of Zeitzbach
Knights in the Nightmare – Tactical Documents
Lost Magic – Taguru Ito
Ghost Trick – Main Theme
Megaman: Starforce – Spica Mall

Mode 7 – 01/17/16

The BRIAN Show!

Our buddy Brian ran the show tonight!

The Playlist!

BlazBlue – Alexandrite
Guilty Gear Accent X2 Core Plus – Keep In Gates
Undernight Inbirth – Rushing Heart
Soul Caliber V – A High Spirited Tiger
Mortal Kombat 9 – Katana’s Theme
Arcana Heart 3 – Little Angel

Sonic 3 – Ice Cap Zone
Cytus – Light Up My Love
Cytus – Magestic Pheonix
Cytus – Black Layer
Cytus – Veverg
Cytus – Saika

Final Fantasy IV – You’re Not Alone
Mario Kart Wii – Mario and Luigi Circuit
Pokemon: Heart Gold and Soul Silver – Team Rocket Theme
Hyrule Warriors – Eclipse of The Sun
Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS – Ken’s Theme

Mode 7 – 1/10/16

The Full House (Studio) Show!

Just picture us as the cast members.It was a shorter show than usual, but we still got in some good tunes. Collin gets to be Dave Coulier.

The Playlist!

Sonic Colors – Astroid Coaster Act 2
Kid Icarus Uprising – Magnus’ Theme
Dust: An Elysian Tail – Aurora

Xenoblade Chronicles X – Uncontrollable
Kingdom – Meadow
Crypt of the Necrodancer – Disco Descent

Atelier Ayesha – Yesterday’s Opponents are Today’s Ingredients
BlazBlue – Gluttony Fang
Grisaia No Kajitsu – Deadlock
Grisaia No Kajitsu – Rock You