Mode 7

Pretending to Know About E3 (6-15-14)

Powering on

Castle Crashers – Forest Entrance
Sonic Adventure 2 – Escape from the City
Child of Light – Little Girl
Little big planet 2 – Automation

Coming at Ya’ Fast

Zombies ate my Neighbors – Evening of the Undead (Request)
Okamiden – Preparing for Action
Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver – Title Theme
Tearaway – Squirrel Football
Transistor – Heightmap
Super Mario galaxy – Overture

Catching up on Requests

Metroid Prime – Meta Ridley (Request)
Starcracft – Terran up the night (Request)
Sly 3 – Dimitri Uderwater
Mega Man 2 – Air Man – One Ups

Last Call

Star Fox 64 – Corneria
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology – Blazing (Request)
MLP: Fighting is Magic – Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme
Super Mario Sunshine – Secret Course


We’re So good at Posting on Time (6-11-14)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your enginesTransistor-Stained Glass
Thomas was along – United we Stand
Super Paper Mario – The Ultimate Show
Dust:An Elysian Tail – I am Dust

Brings us to Half

Skyrim – One they Fear
Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Gerudo Valley
Borderlands – Ain’t no rest for the wicked (look in reg music not folder)
MGS3 – Battle in the Jungle (Request)

Time for Some Fun

Pikmin 3 – Tropical Wilds(Sunset) (Request)
Zelda:Windwakre – Dragon Roost Island (Acapella by Smooth McGroove)
Finn and Jake: Epic Quest – Track 2
Katamari Damacy – Lonely Rolling Star

Headin Out

Hotline Miami – Horses Steppin (Request)
Secret of Mana – The Oracle (Dark Lich) (Request)
Sonic Colors – Planet Wisp: Act 1 (Request)
Botanicula – Letejono

Catch you Next Week

Pupeteer – Across the Plains
Donkey Kong Country Returns – Jungle Groove (Request)
Goldeneye – Frigate (Request)


Playlist for 5/11/14 – (Technically) First Show of the Summer

Battle StationsBlue Dragon – Exceed the Land
Dust: An Elysian Tail – Deities
Kid Icarus Uprising – Lightning Chariot
Mega Man 4 – Dust Man

Not Sure What This Set Is…

Jak and Daxter – Forbidden Jungle
Monaco – Liquidity
Sonic Colors – Starlight Carnical 8-bit
Okami – Cherry Blossom Storm

Remix Heroes

Halo: Combat Evolved – Insurrection (remix by Krispy)
Super Mario RPG – Forest Maze (remix by Smooth McGroove)
TMNT: Turtles in Time – Cowabunga! (remix by Sixto Sounds, WillRock)

Headin Out

Shadow of the Colossus – Monstrous People (Requested)
Pokemon Red/Blue – Gym Leader Battle (Requested)
Sly 2: Band of Thieves – Arpeggio’s Airship
Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage – Gulp’s Overlook
Double Dragon Neon – Dared to Dream (Credits)


Mode 7 Playlist for 5/4/2014

Segment 1

Gunpoint – ColdHalls
StarCraft 2 – Terran 4
Borderlands 2 – Arid Badlands
Mass Effect 3 – The View of Palaven

Segment 2

Super Mario Land – Birabuto Kingdom
F-Zero – Red Canyon
Ace Combat – Ghosts of Razgriz
Mushihimesama – Walking on the Land of Flame

Segment 3

Doom – Contamination (e2m2) (remix by ScottPeeples)
Unreal Tournament – Lock
StarFox – Asteroids
Black Mesa – Questionable Ethics

Segment 4

Street Fighter – Urban Uppercut (remix by bLiNd, Leifo)
StarCraft – Terran Music (part of track 1)

Mode 7 – 4/14/14 – Name That Game in the Bump Music

Tonight I tried something as a special treat and played different bump music than normal. I decided to play all from a specific game, although it didn’t pan out well in my opinion due to most of it being lyrical songs. Maybe they’ll make their way into regular rotation, but until then, try and guess what the name of the game is they are from! – TK

Featuring the Gayest Choir in all of Columbia; The Bee Sharps!

God Only Knows – The Bee Sharps (Presented by Albert Fink)
Starcraft 2 – Terran 3
Monaco – The Devil’s Trick
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 – Olympus Coliseum

An Elaborate System of Pipes and Raincatchers

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Albert Fink
Fallout: New Vegas – Begin Again by Vera Keys (Requested)
Crash Twinsanity – Mechabandicoot
Metal Gear Rising Revengance – Montenegro
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Friends Forever (Credits)

Grab Yourself a Drink at the Graveyard Shift Bar

Tainted Love – Albert Fink
Sonic and the Black Knight – Crystal Cove
Sly Cooper and the Thevious Raccoonus – Boneyard Casino
Spyro: Year of the Dragon – Crystal Islands
Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker – Tower of the Gods

Wait…where did the twins go?

Shiny Happy People – Albert Fink
Mega Man 4 – Cossack Fortress 2
Dust: An Elysian Tail – Aurora
Blue Dragon – Take Back the Shadow!                                                                                     Dishonored – Honor For All