Mode 7

Mode 7 – 9/28/14

The Questions and Answers Show!

We wrote down themes, and threw them in a cup, and we chose at random. This is the show that spawned from it.

Playlist (PROMPT / GAME / SONG )

  • Song we should use in our promo [Brett] – Okamiden – Southern Ryoshima Coast
  • Remix that you can’t stop listening to [Collin] – Rhythm Heaven Fever – Monkey Watch (Aivi Tran)
  • If you get this prompt, you must play “One Winged Angel” [Richard] – Final Fantasy 7 – One Winged Angel (Smooth McGroove)
  • Songs to get woodland creatures to stop eating your vegetables [Brett] – Zelda: Skyward Sword – The Lumpy Pumpkin
  • Couch Co-op games you can jam to [Collin] – Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles – Monster’s Round Dance
  • Songs to murder your enemies to [Richard] – Puppeteer – I’m not done with you yet
  • Kid Friendly [Brett] – Hyrule Warriors – Skyloft
  • Game of the Year 2014 [Collin] – Shovel Knight – The Inner Struggle
  • Songs to seduce people to [Richard] – Hotline Miami – Hydrogen
  • What time is it? [Brett] – Xenoblade Chronicles – You Will Know Our Names
  • Comedic Relief [Collin] – TF2 – MEDIC!
  • Indie Goodness [Richard] – Fez – Compass
  • A Hidden Gem [Taken a little too literally by Brett] – Mega Man 9 – Jewel Man
  • An Unexpected Fight [Collin] – Smash Bros 4 3DS – Pac Man (CLub Mix
  • The Simple Things In Life [Richard] – Finn and Jake: Epic Quest – Track 2
  • You have just been kidnapped. Your captor says you have to dance for your freedom [Brett] – Mother 3 – The Attic’s a Dungeon
  • Play a Song that Describes Brett [Collin] – Pokemon X and Y – Battle (Friend)
  • Alien Dance Party [Richard] – Scott Pilgrim Vs The World – Techno Bass
  • What is happening, even? [Brett] – Chrash Twinsanity – Evil Twins

Mode7 9/21/14

Just Dancing by Myself Show

I wish I was as excited about anything as much as Octodad is excited about everything. 


Smooth McGroove –¬†Legend of Zelda : Wind Waker – Dragon Roost Island
Smooth McGroove – Pokemon RBY – Pallet Town

Cloud – Intrusion
Octodad : Dadliest Catch – Nobody Suspects a Thing
Pixeljunk Shooter – Come on Down
The Lego Movie Videogame – Everything is Awesome
Battlefield 3 – Thunder Run

Avicii Remix – Super Mario World Levels (request)
Borderlands – Ain’t no Rest for the Wicked
Castlevania 3 : Dracula’s Curse – Clockwork
Sonic Adventure – Mechanical Resonance
Transistor – Coasting

Pupeteer – Across the Plains
Battleblock Theater – Buckle your Pants
Ducktales remastered – Moon Theme
Tearaway – Pig Riding

Mode 7 – 9/14/2014

The Brett and Collin Show

Agro is makin’ din din


Mario Kart 8 – Thwomp Ruins
Mario Kart 8 – Shy Guy Falls
Mario Kart 8 – Rainbow Road 64

Super Smash Brothers 4 – Melee V. 2
Super Smash Brothers 4 – Full Steam Ahead
F Zero GX – Customize “Feather”

Mr. Gimmick! – Happy Birthday
Mr. Gimmick! – Good Night (Take 2)
Dustforce – Cider Time

Etrian Oddessy IV – A Tyown Embraced by the Azure Sky
Rune Factory Frontier – Kross’s Theme
Lego Island – Park [Bennett]
Deadly Premonition – Life Is Beautiful
Disgaea D2 – Sailing

Disgaea 3 – Wanderer’s Poem
Double Cherry Pass – Super Mario 3D World [Fun]
Rediculous Fishing – Home Waters
Rediculous Fishing – Stormy Seas
Rediculous Fishing – Arctic Floes

Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles – Bloody Tears
Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles – Cemetery
Castle Crashers – Ninja Pirate Battle

Mode 7 – 9/07/14

The In-Joke Picture

Oh my god there are like six different people in here at once please send help it’s becoming hard to breath. Also we have pizza.

I Picked These While I Still Had Control
Pineapple Smash Crew – Fire in Your Hole
Mega Man 5 – Crystal Man
Omaki – Twin Devils

Ace Combat 4 – Lifeline
Octodad: Dadliest Catch – Nobody Suspects a Thing
Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos – Rise of the Ancients
Marora’s Mask – Moon’s Tears by Theopany

Now It’s Shulk Time! (Hint: It Relates to the Picture)
Xenoblade Chronicles – Unfinished Battle
Xenoblade chronicles – You Will Know Our Names
Xenoblade chronicles – Mechanical Rythmn

Show Has Devolved Into Madness. We Have Formed Our Own Government. The Stapler Is Our Leader
Super Smash Bros Brawl – Bramble Blast
Mario Kart 7 – DK Jungle
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Bloody Tears

If you can’t Beta ‘em!

I apologize for the Title!

Dayz – Literally just about hording beans.

Playlist: Since this is a special show I’ll leave lots of info about the games. Deal with it.

Normal Set!
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – Another Winter
Jak 3 – Monk Glider
Castle Crashers – Forest Entrance

Evolve – Mother by Danzig cover by Lissie
Four people control 4 different RPG classic characters as they hunt down the fifth player. Seems unbalanced? Just until you realize that fifth player controls a giant monster straight from the nightmares of Shadow of the Colossus. TBA 2015

World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor Expansion – Magnificent Desolation and Foreshadowing
Raise the level cap by 10 (to 100), new levels of raid difficulty, upgradeable garrisons, and enhanced character models all featured in this spankin’ new expansion coming 9/13 this month.

Planet Explorers – Boss Theme
Open world sandbox adventure RPG. Colonizing a distant planet, terraform your environment, fight giant dinosaurs, and hang glide to your hearts content. Released last march? Oops.

Transormers Universe – Theme
FTP browser bassed MMO League of Legends style combat with your favorite decepticons and Autobots. Brought to you by Jagex (The minds behind Runescape)

Dayz – Suspense 26
Originally a mod for Arma II, this is now becoming a standalone game with a realistic take on the zombie apocalypse where you will be more scared of the other players than of anything else.

Destiny – The Restoration
Next gen FPS made by Bungie (Original Halo) A mythic sci-fi setting with large openworld combat releases 9/9 this month with a lot of hype and anticipation.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot – BGM 6
FTP hack and slash. Fight your way to the center of player built castles for loot and glory, or design your own trap filled labyrinth for others to try. Out right now at well, misleading title for this show!

Pixel Piracy – 9-drinks
Brought to you by the creators of Terraria but without the Final Fantasy sprites! Build your own pirate ship in this 8-bit 2D adventure game and control large scale pirate battles. Released last month!