Kosher Noise

Kosher Noise Playlist 3/24/14 with Mikey Pauker and Basya Schechter

Mikey Pauker and Basya Schechter, lead singer of Pharaoh’s Daughter will be performing for the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival at the Variety Playhouse this Saturday, March 29 at 8:45pm.  For tickets and more information:

  • Interview with Mikey Pauker
  • The Rain        Mikey Pauker       Extraordinary Love
  • Dumiyah        Pharaoh’s Daughter      Dumiyah
  • Interview with Basya Schechter, lead singer of Pharaoh’s Daughter
  • Ka Ribon       Pharaoh’s Daughter        Haran

Kosher Noise Playlist 3/17/14 with Bram Bessoff (AJMF)

For more information and to purchase tickets for the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival (AJMF), go to

To enter to win the AJMF poster, go to

  • Ohm      Yo La Tengo     Fade
  • Sugarcube     Yo La Tengo      I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One
  • Hassidic Kaddish     The Afro-Semitic Experience     Further Definitions of the Days of Awe
  • Positive Change     Josh Nelson Project      Lift
  • OMG (Mah Tovu)       Miss Emily       Every Day!
  • Lecha Dodi      Pharaoh’s Daughter     Out of the Reeds
  • Top of the World      Mikey Pauker       Extraordinary Love

Kosher Noise Playlist 3/10/14 Purim Edition featuring Boomfox

Boomfox is performing at the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival’s Family Day event on March 23 at 1:25pm at the MJCCA.  For more information and to purchase tickets, visit:

  • I’m Haman (Purim)      Ethan Kaplan      The Instrumentals
  • What Does Purim Say?        Rosenblum Purim 2014 פורים תשע׳ד
  • Move Like Graggers Remix (Purim)       Temple Israel of MI
  • Move Me      Boomfox     Beech Valley – EP
  • Secret      Boomfox      Beech Valley – EP
  • Wandering Eyes      Boomfox      Beech Valley – EP
  • Rock & Roll      Boomfox      Beech Valley – EP
  • Purim Rap – A Jewish Thrift Shop Parody      Matt Rissien
  • Interview with Hannah Zale, lead singer of Boomfox
  • Purim Grogger Style (Gangnam Style Parody) Rosenblum Purim 2013 פורים תשע׳ד

Kosher Noise Playlist 3/3/14

  • Nigrom Laze Likrotn (Make It Happen)     Subliminal      Jew-Niversal
  • Fanan – פנאן      Shotei Ha’nevua (The Fools of Prophecy) – שוטי הנבואה     Shotei Ha’nevua (The Fools of Prophecy) – שוטי הנבואה
  • Hine Ani Ba (Here I Come) – הנה אני בא     Hadag Nachash (The Fish Snake) – הדג נחש     Be’ezrat Ha’Jam (With the Jam’s Help) – בעזרת הג’אם
  • Go Slow     Haim     Days Are Gone
  • Yesh Bi Od Koach (I Still Have More Strength) – יש בי עוד כוח      The Idan Raichel Project – הפרוייקט של עידן רייכל     Mima’amakim (Out of the Depths) – ממעמקים
  • Avadim Hayinu      The Afro-Semitic Experience       Jazz Souls on Fire
  • Hinei Ma’Tov      Abayudaya Congregation      Music From Ugandan Jews
  • Ta’alu       Amal Murkus     Putumayo Presents – Israel
  • Um x Zero      Anat Cohen     Claroscuro

Kosher Noise Playlist 2/24/14

  • The Wire — Haim — Days Are Gone
  • Ba’Layla (At Night) — The Idan Raichel Project — Quarter to Six
  • She’eriot Shel HaChaim – The Idan Raichel — Within My Walls
  • Extraoridnary Love — Mikey Pauker — Extraordinary Love
  • Salaam — Sheva — Live in Australia
  • Low Down — Yoeshi Roberts — Right Now, Right Here
  • In Stiller Nacht (In a Quiet Night) — The Idan Raichel Project — Quarter to Six
  • Honey and I — Haim — Days are Gone
  • Djon Si Sekote — Lassine Kouyate (Adam Klein) — Dugu Wolo
  • Don’t Fail Me Now — Vespolina — Vespolina
  • Erev Shel Shoshanim — Klezmer Juice — Klezmer Juice 2
  • Rov Ha’Sha’Ot – Idan Raichel Project — Within My Walls
  • Shema – Saul Kaye – Jewish Blues Vol III