Kosher Noise

Kosher Noise Playlist – 1/19/2015

Name Artist Album
Fuego Subliminal Jew-Niversal
Freha Axum Axum
Hakshivu Na Axum Axum
Shma Koleinu Brody Urban Anxiety
1. Born To Die (Kyle Rapps & Diwon Remix) Diwon Bancs Best 2012
Sag Hadag Nachash (The Fish Snake) Be’ezrat Ha’Jam (G-d Willing)
Jungle Kosha Dillz Beverly Dillz
Down and Up Nosson Zand Believers Master 1
Money On Your Mind Prodezra Beats Connection Revealed
Hine Hu Magia Shi 360
Mabat Mechuyach (Feat. Tomer Raz) Shi 360
Put Em Up (Featuring Lyrics Born & Axum) Soulico Exotic On The Speaker
Peimot (Heartbeat) Subliminal Jew-Niversal
All We Bring Y-Love See Me
I Want To Move Tomer Yosef Laughing Underground
Heart Attack Feeling SoCalled Ghettoblaster

Kosher Noise Playlist 1/12 – Klezmer Hour

Name Artist Album
In the House of Maimonides Bustan Abraham Hamsa
Black Bear Kolo Black Bear Combo Game of Death
School Of Dance Golem Fresh Off the Boat
Ikh vel dikh keyn mol nisht farbaytn (I Will Never Leave You) Hilda Bronstein Hilda Bronstein Sings Yiddish Songs Old and New
Farges Mikh Nit (Don’t Forget Me) The Klezmer Conservatory Band Dancing In The Aisles
Yoshke-Yoshke Klezmer Juice Klezmer Juice 2: Yiddish Lidele
Reveal The Story Natural Gathering BareFoot
Who Let The Cat Out?! Red Hot Chachkas Beats Without Borders
Bulgars/The Kiss Itzhak Perlman, The Klezmatics Klezmer 2 – Live In The Fiddler’s House
Oktava Black Bear Combo Game of Death
Dub Dulab Bustan Abraham Hamsa
Golem Hora Golem Fresh Off Boat
Hava Nagila Klezmer Juice Klezmer Juice 2: Yiddish Lidele


Kosher Noise Playlist 1/5/2015

Name Artist Album
True Love Aviva and the Flying Penguins Painted Truth
Two Wolves Saul Kaye Jewish Blues, Vol. Two – Kings, Prophets, Brothers
Aich Za Shcocav Matti Caspi The Best Of Matti Caspi
Kmo Chaiot Shi 360
The Journey Continues The Apples Mitz
Horchat Hai Caliptus Ishtar The Voice Of Alabina
Trembling Berry Sakharof L’autre
Shabekhi Yerushalayim Divahn Divahn
Mazel Golem Fresh Off Boat
Po Be’yafo (Here in Jaffa) Shotei Ha’nevua (The Fools of Prophecy) Shotei Ha’nevua (The Fools of Prophecy
Ma Im HaKesef Axum Axum
My Baby Balkan Beat Box Blue Eyed Black Boy
Motivate Matisyahu Light
Nof Yaldut Shlomo Artzi Ahavtihem

Kosher Noise Playlist 12/15/14 Channukah Edition

  • Candlelight    Maccabeats    Candlelight – Single
  • Menorah Glow (Stereo Hearts for Channukah)    Matt Bar    Bible Raps Nation
  • Darkness into Light    Matisyahu    Light
  • The Channukah Song     Adam Sandler
  • Those Were The Nights (of Channukah)      The Yeshiva Boys Choir
  • Hanukah (Light is in the Air)    Matt Bar    The Bible Raps Project
  • The Channukah Song Part 2     Adam Sandler
  • Light Up the Night (Channukah Song)    The Fountainheads
  • The Rocky Hora Channukah Song    The Shlomones
  • Channukah Rights!      Six13
  • The Channukah Song Part 3      Adam Sandler     Eight Crazy Nights Soundtrack
  • Miracle (Matisyahu Cover of Channukah Song)    The Maccabeats

Kosher Noise Playlist 12/8/14 Channukah Dreidel Open

  • Dreidel         Erran Baron Cohen         Songs in the Key of Channukah
  • Swingin’ Dreidel        Kenny Ellis
  • Channukah Hey Ya!         Eric “Smooth E” Schwartz
  • Eight Nights       StandFour
  • Happy Hanukkah        Matisyahu
  • Menorah Glow (Stereo Hearts for Channukah)          Matt Bar and the Bible Raps Project         Bible Raps Nation
  • I Light It – NCSY Channukah Musical Remix      Six13