Kosher Noise

Monday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Genres: Jewish, Klezmer, Yiddish, International, Local, Folk, Indie, Rap, Hip Hop, Jazz
Hosts: Matt Bernstein, Jessica Taylor

Kosher Noise weaves together all the voices of the Diaspora, bringing together genres such as Israeli hip-hop, klezmer funk, Jewish reggae, and traditional (with a modern twist!). Listen in for interviews with local musicians, current event discussions, Hebrew word of the day, and contest giveaways. Featuring such Jewish artists as Hadag Nachash, Idan Raichel, Abraham Inc., Shotey Hanevuah, the Bible Raps Project, Chai Fi, and DeLeon, it’s a veritable falafel patty of Judaism’s most interesting artists, brought to you by your host, DJ Meltz.

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Kosher Noise Playlist 6/29 – Mixed!!

Title Artist Album
The H Tune Abraham Inc. Tweet-Tweet
 Diamond Adam Klein Dugu Wolo
Alter Ego Amsterdam Klezmer Orchestra Remixed
Eliyahu Saul Kaye Jewish Blues
Aam Bizmah Maak Najwa Karam Music from Middle East
Gan Sagur Gidi Gov Tnu Ligdol Be Sheket
Ha’laila Shlomit Aharon Sabress 3
Shir La Shalom Chai Fi The Chai way
Racheim Aleinu Brody Urban Anxiety
Don’t Fail Me Now Vespolina Vespolina
Yam Shel D’maot Zohar Argov Greatest Hits
Nigrom Laze Likrotn Subliminal Jew-Niversal


Kosher Noise Playlist – 6/22/15 – Judaic Mosaic Interview

Name Artist Album
Meohav Aviv Gefen  ירח מלא – האוסף 2
Aich Za Shcocav Matti Caspi The Best of Matti Caspi
Ahlom Lanezach Mofa Arnavot  Gal-Yarok 2
Ascension O’Brother O’Brother – The Death of Day
Dumiya Pharaoh’s Daughter Water Within Water
Sun You’re Awaited Rami Fortis Fourtis Cheharov

Kosher Noise Playlist 6/15 – Dance Edition

Name Artist Album
Mali Mali Aharon Menaxem  Unknown
NYE Bonhom NYE (Remixes)
Traditional and Western Beats Biind Ibrahim   Unknown
I Want U Brody Urban Anxiety
Sameach Chai Fi The Chai Way
En Li Eretz Acheret Amir Benayoun   Unknown
Ruim Alai Chaim Moshe   Unknown
Mimacheret (Addiction) Eyal Golan and Dudu Aharon   Unknown
Rebbe Nachman song   Unknown
Ma’asalama and Shalom Aleichem (Goodbye and Peace Unto You) Sharif   Unknown
 Underground Tomer Yosef Laughing Underground
 Ani Rotze Gam Yehuda Poliker The Best of Yehuda Poliker

Kosher Noise Playlist – 6/1/15 – Rock Hour

Name Artist Album
Invisible Wall Boom Fox Taste the Words
Charge Electra Second Hand Love
Tell It All to Me The Sway Machinery Hidden Melodies Revealed
Honey & I Haim Days Are Gone
Hinei Matov The Moody Jews The Moody Jews
Path of Pain Tony Levitas Black Sky Blanket
Diane Young Vampire Weekend Modern Vampires of the City
The Great Release O’Brother The Death of Day
The Ballad of the Burning Moon and His Lady Shadows Electra Second Hand Love
Tornado Yehuda Poliker The Best of Yehuda Poliker
Chaval She At Lo Berry Sakharof Simanim Shel Chulsha (Signs of Weakness)
 Ella  Hayehudim  Gal – Yarok 2
Secrets You’re Always Watching Girls in Trouble Girls in Trouble
Definitely Reflective Aviva and the Flying Penguins Painted Truth
 Hazy Days  Boomfox Taste the Words


Kosher Noise Playlist 5/25/15 – Hip Hop

Title Artist Album
Pon Your Head Brody vs Chino Urabn Anxiety
Hadibur Axum Axum
Remedy Brody ft. Kosha Dillz Urban Anxiety
Change Describe & Y-Love The Change EP
Animals Dillz & Diwon Shemspeed
BaSalon Shel Solomon Hadag Nachash
Freha Axum Axum
Believers Nosson Zand ft. Matisyahu
Where are you Prodezra Beats Connection Revealed
Queen of Hearts Soulico Exotic on the Speaker
Me’Habama Lehaftziz Hadag Nachash Be’ezrat Ha’Jam
Subliminial Ba Li Lauf (I Wanna Fly) Jew-Niversal
Move On Y-Love See Me
Mitun Shi 360