Goldsoundz – September 24, 2013

Stepdad - “My Leather, My Fur, My Nails”
Coasts - “Oceans”
Propellers - “Landslide”

AVAN LAVA - “It’s Never Over”
Trails And Ways - “Mtn Tune”

Weekend - “End Times”
Gold-Bears - “So Natural”
Del Venicci - “Speaking To Snakes”

Hey Anna - “Blackout”
Dr. Dog - “Heart It Races” (Architecture in Helsinki cover)

Nana Grizol – “Circles ’round The Moon”
Ida Maria – “Oh My God”
Quarterbacks – “Point Nine”
Bad Sound – “Paint”
Colleen Green – “You’re So Cool”

Hungry Kids of Hungary – “Twin Cities”

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Goldsoundz – September 17, 2013

Moon King – “Only Child”
The Dexateens – “Maker’s Mound” (ft. David Barbe and Patterson Hood)

Telekinesis – “Ghosts and Creatures”
Junip – “Your Life Your Call”
Catey Shaw – “Family”

Bent Shapes - “Bites And Scratches”
Swearin’ - “Watered Down”
The Manhattan Love Suicides - “Don’t Leave Me Dying”

The Love Language - Horophones”
Dream Boys - “Born Yesterday”
Sleater-Kinney - “Modern Girl”

Whatever, Dad – “No More Soda!”
Bad Cop – “Light On”
Little Daylight – “Glitter and Gold”

Mana Island – “Beauty Spot”
La Luz – “Pink Slime”
Chastity Belt- “Black Sail”

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Goldsoundz – September 10, 2013

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – “Sink/Let it Sway”
Snowmine – “The Hill”
Pepper Rabbit – “The Annexation of Puerto Rico”

Villagers – “Nothing Arrived”
Suckers – “Black Sheep”

Yuck - “Age Of Consent” (New Order cover)
Son Lux - “Lost it to Trying”

The Darcys - “Hunting”
Suburban Living - “Always Eyes”
Best Friends - “Nosebleeds”

Blue Boy – “Downtown”
Hibou – “Above Us”

Katie & Allison Crutchfield (of the bands Waxahatchee/Swearin’) – Oblivion (Grimes cover)
Broncho – Try Me Out Sometime
Los Campesinos! – “What Death Leaves Behind”

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Goldsoundz – September 3, 2013

Majical Cloudz – “Mister”
Houses – “The Beauty Surrounds”

Imaginary Cities – “Bells of Cologne”
Yukon Blonde – “Six Dead Tigers”

Mood Rings – “Year of Dreams”
Superhumanoids – “Geri”
Caged Animals – “Girls On Medication”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.- “War Zone”
Dog Is Dead – “Glockenspiel Song”

Strawberry Story - “Pushbutton Head”
Weekend - “Oubliette”
Like Like The The The Death - “Here Comes Irregular”

Talbot Tagora - “Perception Stick”
A Grave With No Name - “Aurora”
La Luz - “Brainwash”

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Goldsoundz – August 27, 2013

Hushpuppies – “You’re Gonna Say Yeah”
Neimo – “Echoing Pixels”

Devianz – “Vivre Ou Suivre”
Permanent Fatal Error – “Nord”
Burning Hotels – “Beard”

Shook Foil - “A Bit of Levity”
Flagship - “Are You Calling”
My Teenage Stride - “To Live And Die In The Airport Lounge”

The Just Joans - “Some Boys Are Bigger Than Others”
Bent Shapes - “Big Machines”

The Soft Pack – “Bobby Brown”
Dark Furs – “Won’t See Me”
Plaid Dragon – “Bird Years”

Golden Sun – “Electric Ghost”
The Palisades – “It’s Symbiotic”

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