Goldsoundz – October 29, 2013 – Halloween Special

North American Halloween Prevention Initiative - “Do They Know It’s Hallowe’en?”
Wampire - “The Hearse”

Veronica Falls - “Found Love In A Graveyard”
Still Corners - “I Wrote in Blood”
Girls Names - “Falling” (Theme from the TV show Twin Peaks)

The Growlers - “Graveyard’s Full”
Richard Swift - “Zombie Boogie”
Mirah - “Special Death”

The Raveonettes - “Attack of the Ghost Riders”
Neutral Milk Hotel - “Spooky Sounds”
Grave Babies - “Blood”
The Microphones - “Universe”

The Poison Control Center - “Dracula’s Casket”
Wax Idols & Hanoi Janes - “Bat Cave”
Diarrhea Planet - “Ghost with a Boner!!!”

Antsy Pants - “Vampire”
Damien Jurado - “Caskets”

Andrew Jackson Jihad - “Alpha Rats Nest” (Mountain Goats cover)

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Goldsoundz – October 22, 2013

The Weepies – “Gotta Have You”
Magnet – “Where Happiness Lives”

The White Buffalo – “Sleepy Little Town”
Bear’s Den – “Isaac”
Josh Ritter – “Wings” (Request)

Built to Spill - “Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss”
Beach Fossils - “Twelve Roses”
The History of Apple Pie - “Don’t You Wanna Be Mine?”

Harlem - “Scare You”
Port O’Brien - “In Vino Veritas”
Sweet Baboo - “C’mon Let’s Mosh!”

Mainland Fever – “Angel-Headed”
The Boy Least Likely To – “Be Gentle With Me”
Fifty Miles From Vancouver – “Eternal Youth/Eternal Fun”

Ladycop – “I Felt Just Like Anyone Else”
Glowbug – “Radio Flyer”

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Goldsoundz – October 15, 2013

Alt-J – “Breezeblocks”
The Coathangers – “Hurricane”

Teen Daze – “Discipleship”
NewVillager – “Upholder”

Big Black Delta - “Money Rain Down”
Industrial Park - “Parallel Lines”
My Teenage Stride - “Iditarod”

Now Now - “Dead Oaks”
Joanna Gruesome - “Candy”
P:ano - “Covered Wagons”

All-Time Quarterback – “Sock Hop”
Tennis – “Marathon”
Jailbox – “Raindrops”
Eye Emma Jedi – “Crucified”

Pine Barons – “Black Matter”
Thumpers – “Unkinder (A Tougher Love)”

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Goldsoundz – October 8, 2013 – “Your Ex-Lover is Dead” Edition

Grizzly Bear – “Alligator”
Mountain Goats – “No Children”
Queens of the Stone Age – “I Sat by the Ocean”

Summer Heart – “I Wanted You to Stay on the Other Side”
The Submarines – “Brightest Hour”
Milosh – “Awful Game”

Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! - “New Brad”
Yeasayer - “O.N.E.”
La Sera - “Love That’s Gone”

Elliott Smith - “Somebody that I Used to Know”
Twin Shadow - “Forget”

Places To Hide – “Getting Old (I Hate You)”
Darwin Deez – “Bad Day”
Breakfast in Fur – “Setting Stone”

A Great Big Pile of Leaves – “Alligator Bop”
Crocodiles – “She Splits Me Up”

Mateo Katsu – “One Day I’ll Be Your Ears”

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Goldsoundz – October 1, 2013

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - “Bleeding Powers”
Sky Larkin - “Tiny Heist”
Tuscadero - “Nancy Drew”

Shinies - “Taste”
Virginia Wing - “Common Ground”

Future Islands- “Long Flight”
Little Dragon- “My Step”

Washed Out- “It All Feels Right”
Lucius- “Hey Doreen”

Summer Fiction – “Chandeliers”
The Courtneys – “90210″
Cosmonaut – “Your Knife (My Side)”

Darling Czar – “Darkened House/Sails”

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