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Get Up Offa That Thang, Atlanta

Dang, has it been 2 months since the last post, and almost 3 months since the last time we let on to What’s Up With What’s Going Down? That’s just inexcusable. Got some good shows coming up in the next month or so, (including the Bear Creek Festival down in Florida going on all this weekend) and hopefully some more will crop up before the end of the year. These will take you through the Turkey fest and into full on X-Mas meltdown:

Ok, so it’s not an overwhelming lineup of shows, but we had it pretty good in Atlanta through the spring and summer including festival season. Stay tuned to this spot for updates throughout the winter months and the end of times.

Time Has Come for Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics

Well, well, well, it’s about time for Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics‘ debut album indeed. Time carefully spent, that is, in the writing, developing, recording, mastering, and selecting of 10 exquisite tracks to comprise It’s About Time.

Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics - It's About Time

From their musical beginnings together in Gainesville, FL, Ruby Velle (vocals) and Spencer Garn (producer, organ) have crafted a sound that’s as timeless as it is modern. With equal parts soul, blues and downright funk, they’ve been wowing crowds in Atlanta and around the Southeast for close to five years in anticipation of their long-awaited debut full length recording. Since the album aggregates recordings from this long period, you can hear some Atlanta stalwarts, Scott Clayton (guitar), Mark Carbone (drums), Eric Fontaine (sax), Kevin Scott (bass), and many more, as they developed their sound and their current lineup. The album really embodies the creativities and talents of the many musicians featured without overshadowing the brilliant voice and lyrics of Ruby herself.

Enough glowing. As they’ve graced our airwaves on multiple occasions, and we’ve watched them mature as a band as as people here in Atlanta, we can’t help but be proud of our little local soul band done good. The album has already dropped and the hometown party/celebration begins this Thursday Sept 13 at the EARL, with friends Charles Walker and the Dynamites headlining that bill. The fun will continue Friday night at the same acts switching time slots at the same venue, culminating(?) in a reception of sorts Saturday night at the W Midtown. And definitely check out The Electric Boogaloo this Thursday 11pm to midnight (stream it from the archive if you are at the EARL on Thursday), as we visited Soulphonics Studio for a little chat and checkin with Spencer and Ruby.

RV and the Soulphonics

Whether you get to Thursday or Friday night’s show (or both) be sure and catch them while you can, as it may be the last time they play a venue this quaint, as they’ve already begun to garner some national recognition with the current Single of the Week, My Dear, on iTunes announced on Monday.

We thank Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics for being so gracious in their rise to success, congratulate them on their first LP, and look forward to many more performances and recordings in the certainly near future. I’ll leave you with a very raw video of one of their earlier singles not featured on this album and the song that got me really introduced to the Soulphonics sound, Feet on the Ground.

Get Up to Get Down

We’ll waste little time getting to the much overdue What’s Up with What’s Going Down, as there are several hot and funky shows coming up in the A-T-L, so let’s get to it…

Also, don’t forget to follow our Twitter feed. And you can always catch the last two week’s shows at The Electric Boogaloo blogship!

Reason to Bragg

Hello again, folks. It’s your local purveyors of funk back here to give you an update. I checked out The Temptations and The Four Tops at Chastain Amphiteater last weekend, and boy was it a delight. I only wished I’d seen them sooner, as there are really only one remaining Top as well as one remaining (original) Temptation which still perform with their respective acts. More on that later, though, as I plan on a more detailed show review in the coming days or so.

Right now, it’s time to remind you, if you’re asking yourself, “Why in the hell did I not know about some Motown legends playing in Atlanta?” Well, look no further than our latest What’s Up with What’s Going Down, which runs down these funky events for your convenience. It’s about time for a new one of those, but first I’d like to highlight one of the events on that list, which is coming up this weekend…

Named for late brothers, musicians and locals to Macon, GA, Tate and Brax Bragg, The Bragg Jam is in its 13th year. Initially begun as a healing memorial event of sorts to remember the tragic loss of these brothers, it has really evolved into a musical event of great cultural significance, which says a lot considering the musical impact which Macon has had through the years.

Bragg Jam consists of several events, but is highlighted by Saturday’s Concert Crawl which features 46 bands on 12 stages this year. Sounds like it will be more of a sprint to me, but there is trolley service between the venues and all are relatively close together in downtown Macon. Proceeds have always and will once again go to benefit the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail, as they’ve donated over $150,000 to this cause to date.

The Crawl is headlined by DJ Muggs, Right Away Great Captain, and Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. And of note to you Electric Boogaloo fans, Noot d’ NootCol. Bruce HamptonFunk You, Flannel Church, and many more sure to excite the senses. The Atlanta Funk Society will even be playing the Patron Party (think customer, not a brand of tequila) this Friday night. Take a look see at the full schedule of performers and venues and we hope to see you down there.

Guest Tonight and Giveaways Galore!

Time to check back in as I believe I’m finally recovered from last weekend’s Blowfly show…

This week, we’ll have a couple (perhaps three?) more ticket giveaways, but first a word about our special guest this week. You’ll want to tune in tonight (11pm to midnight EDT, 91.1 fm in Atlanta or wrek.org) for our special guest Nick Edelstein of Nick and the Grooves. Their debut EP entitled Adapter comes out next week and will be playing at The Five Spot in support of that release.

Nick and the Grooves "Adapter" EP Release Party!

The Grooves feature a blues-driven soul sound with heavy jazz, funk, and rock influences as well. It’s sure to be jam as they’ll be joined by some familiar names around the Atlanta music scene, including John McKnight (drums), Bryan Hall (bass), Jazz monsters Scott Ritshie (keys) and Bill Smith (alto/tenor sax), with regular appearances by “at Large” members, James King (trumpet) and Will Scruggs (bari sax).

We’ll chat about the band in general, preview the new EP, and perhaps even have a ticket giveaway for the show next week. Sorry the tickets are, as yet, unconfirmed. You’ll have to tune in to find out. It shoud be a good time.

Other announcements: we will certainly have giveaways for the following shows, as these tickets have been confirmed:

So definitely tune in for a chance to win one of those sets. And of course, check out our full list of concerts at the latest What’s Up with What’s Going Down Post, which I keep having to update with great shows that seem to be coming out of nowhere.

That’s it for now, we hope you join us tonight, again, at 11pm EDT for The Electric Boogaloo!