Electric Boogaloo

Summer Heat’s What’s Up

I remember when the Atlanta summer was something to fear, going outside and bearing the heat and sunshine. Well ol’ Mother Nature hasn’t kept up her end of the bargain to the benefit of all of our lawns and gardens. Things are bound to heat up though, and the coming weeks’ event schedule is no different. Let’s begin with this weekend where we’ll see Living Colour performing their classic Vivid from start to finish at the Variety Playhouse. Then Saturday, our good friends from the Georgia Soul Council celebrate their first LP (Thickens Upon Standing) as well as the moving on to the green pastures of Brooklyn by their keys player, Jeff Jeswald this Saturday at Elliott Street Pub. We’ll have ticket giveaways to both on tonight’s show, so tune in.

Now, here is the rest of What’s Up With What’s Going Down for the next month or so:

Be sure and check us out every Thursday night from 11pm to midnight, listening live at 91.1 FM WREK in Atlanta or streaming at wrek.org for your chance at tickets to some of these shows!

Here’s What’s Funky, Atlanta

Spring appears to finally be arriving, no thanks to that lying groundhog, and plenty of great shows are on tap in the coming weeks. Local acts such as Ruby Velle and Noot d’ Noot, some bigger names like Quincy Jones and Shuggie Otis, and of course the cavalry of DJ’s such as Agent 45 and Cozy doing their regular things. I’ll give you an abbreviated look first, and try to keep this spot updated as more things materialize. So now, without further ado, your boogie-packed What’s Up With What’s Going Down:

Be sure and check us out every Thursday night from 11pm to midnight, listening live at 91.1 FM WREK in Atlanta or streaming at wrek.org for your chance at tickets to some of these shows!

Boogaloo Down the Bayou

A bit overdue for a What’s Up… concert post, but in the meantime enjoy as we share our #humblebrag #musicboner experience to our first New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, as it was quite an experience and one I recommend.

(Original Headhunter) Bill Summers and Jazalsa

(Original Headhunter) Bill Summers and Jazalsa

Second weekend was the pick for our crew. The Jazz Fest runs for 7 days over two weekends at the end of April and beginning of May every year. In its 44th year, the Festival is attended by hundreds of thousands from far reaches of the globe for its rich cultural cornucopia. To think that its just a celebration of jazz or even just music would be a gross miscalculation. Local food vendors, cultural and historical exhibits, a burgeoning artists market, oh, and twelve stages of music from the world over provide a delightful bounty for the senses. It’s truly an experience to behold and one I’ll be making sure to have again and again.

Vernon Reid of HeadFake

Vernon Reid of HeadFake

And when the festival ends around 8pm each day, the fun just begins as festivalgoers descend on the various restaurants, watering holes, and stages throughout the Crescent City. We had a rigorous agenda peppering food stops at Coop’s, Cochon, Verti Marte and more between our concert lineup which included sets by Lettuce, Soulive, Kermit RuffinsHeadFake (with Doug Wimbish, Will Calhoun, Vernon Reid and Corey Glover), Lee Fields and the Expressions, Zigaboo Modeliste, Living Colour, and the very last Monday night at the Maple Leaf, after 13 years, by Papa Grows Funk.

Blurry pic of Papa Grows Funk warming up for their second set

Blurry pic of Papa Grows Funk warming up for their second set

This latter show packed Oak Street and included an outdoor crawfish boil and live art by Frenchy in a venue so extremely packed that I pretty much had my chest against the back of the person in front of me. It was tight, sweaty and very difficult to move around, but it was still pretty awesome.

Live rendering of Papa Grows Funk created by Frenchy

Live rendering of Papa Grows Funk created by Frenchy

Sorry that this is a post report of the Jazz Fest, so you’ve missed this year’s, but there is always next…

Record Store Day Will Be ‘Sweet’

It’s been a bit since we hollered at you concerning something other than our concert rundown, and there’s some of that in here. But, this is a special dual announcement for Record Store Day, which occurs at record stores nationwide this Saturday April 20, and the Sweetwater 420 Fest taking place in Candler park this weekend Friday 4/19 through Sunday 4/21.

WREK will be stationed at Criminal Records for RSD 2013

Record Store Day is a long running phenomenon which celebrates music within the remaining independent outlets around the U.S. with promotions, special releases, and in-store performances. Criminal Records in the heart of Little Five Points has been a sort of hub for RSD in Atlanta the last few years and WREK’s own promotional staff will be out again in full force playing music, selling t-shirts, and surely giving away some stickers and sunglasses. Criminal also will feature a full slate of performances from von Grey, Mood Rings, and Christ, Lord. Be sure and check us out, but don’t forget to check out the activities around the city’s other indie stores such as Wuxtry, Fantasyland, Wax & Facts, Full Moon, and Decatur CD.

UPDATE – The Screaming Eagle of Soul himself, Charles Bradley, has announced he and the Menahan Street Band will be stopping by Criminal Records around 11:30 am for coffee and hugs!

The 420 Fest in Candler Park brings the funk once again.

And if you’re in the neighborhood of Criminal Records, Wax & Facts and Blue Moon this weekend, be sure and checkout the Sweetwater 420 Fest in Candler Park going on Friday evening through Sunday. Friday will feature headliner George Clinton and P-Funk, as well as the last Atlanta performance of Papa Grows Funk, as they plan to to disband shortly after N.O. Jazz Fest next month and opener Earphunk,. On Saturday, the funk continues with Deep Blue Sun feat Yonrico Scott, Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk, and Black Joe Lewis‘s gritty Texas soul to close things down. Finally, on Sunday you’ve got Robert Randolph and the Family Band, plus a few others (keeping in mind, I’m highlighting the funkier acts). Click on the link above for the entire schedule.

And if the festival thing doesn’t tickle you, there are a few other gigs around town, just check out our latest What’s Up for the full slate. I know I’m certainly looking forward to Charles Bradley’s return Sunday night! Until next time, stay funky and be safe out there wherever you find your groove thing.

Grab Bag o’ Boogie Notes

The much awaited spring update to What’s Up… is coming. But first, a few grab bag items…

Hopefully you were attuned to this space and were one of the lucky ticket holders for this past Saturday’s Dr. John and the Nite Trippers show at the Variety Playhouse. Sadly, due to my own shortsightedness, was not one of the lucky ones. A word to the wise, then: BUY THOSE TICKETS!! If there is a show coming up which you don’t want to miss, don’t expect to walk up and buy a ticket as I learned the hard way. I should have known as it had been years since Dr. John’s last visit, and he usually packs them in.

I was in the right place, but I was a ticket short

Next, and this is a late addition as it occurs the very evening of this posting, but Deep Funk with DJs Agent 45 & Buscrates is again offering the best in rare groove, soul, jazz … basically anything you can think of and many you’ve never heard of, all at 45 RPM. If you miss it tonight at the Sound Table, be looking for it again in a month or so.

Finally, without further ado, your boogie-packed What’s Up With What’s Going Down:

Be sure and check us out every Thursday night from 11pm to midnight, listening live at 91.1 FM WREK in Atlanta or streaming at wrek.org for your chance at tickets to some of these shows!