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Sub Saharan Vibes – July 27, 2015

Artist                                                                       Song

  1. Soweto Gospel Choir                             Muphulusi
  2. Amadou et Saramaya                            Salam-alekoume
  3. Segun Bucknor                                      Dye Dye
  4. Amadouu & Mariam                               Cherie
  5. Toure Kunda                                          Salya
  6. The Soto Koto Band                              Kilimanjaro
  7. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo                        Ne Te Fache Pas
  8. Sierra Leone’s Refuge All-Stars           Mampama
  9. Mdou Moctar                                          La super
  10. Sonny Okosuns                                    African Woman
  11. Bonga                                                    Muimbo Ua Sabalu
  12. Oliver Mtukudzi                                     Chiri Nani

Kosher Noise Playlist 7/27 – Rock your socks off

Title Artist Album
The Flame Judaic Mosaic
Diamonds (This Too Shall Pass) Judaic Mosaic
Ani Rotse Mida’bber Berry Sakharof Simanim Shel Chulsha
Holam Bhakayitz Yehuda Poliker Day Dreamer
Lo Yodeah Eych Lomar Bach (Don’t Know How to Tell You) – לא יודע איך לומר בך Mosh Ben-Ari – מוש בן ארי Ad Elai (On the Way to Me) – עד אלי
Sigapo – סיגפו Beit Habubot Madafim (Shelves) – מדפים
Movie Berry Sakharof L’autre
 Kfayim Yehuda Poliker The Best of Yehuda Poliker
Starve Electra Second Hand Love
Anigodin – אינגודין Mashina (Machine) G’virotai v’Rabotai (Ladies and Gentlemen)_ Mashina
B’chol Hadrachim (All Paths) – בכל הדרכים Beit Habubot (Dollhouse) – בית הבובות B’chol Hadrachim (Crossways) – בכל הדרכים
 Summer Wind Matisyahu Spark Seeker
Driftin’ Adam Klein Wounded Electric Youth
Hakol O Klum Berry Sakharof All Or Nothing
Ilu Hayiti Itach Yehuda Poliker Day Dreamer


Slow Riot: Post-Rock, Math-Rock, and Everything In-Between

artist — track
mogwai — haunted by a freak
tortoise — tnt
have a nice life – a quick one before the eternal worm devours connecticut
battles — tonto
deafheaven — irresistable
damascus — come to light
starscream — galeforce
a glacial hanging — 2012 05 07 1259
locomotora — the true way is along a rope
the seven mile journey — the engram dichotomy
65daysofstatic — this cat is a landmine
thee silver mt. zion memorial orchestra — take away these early grave blues
swans — you fucking people make me sick
maybeshewill — he films the clouds pt. 2.
we vs. death — thomas corner and the valley houses
turritopsis nutricula — to move a mountain
those of willow — synaesthesia the seasons
aural method — the wind and smoke were bold in flight
bell orchestre — the upwards march
cloudkicker — seattle

thanks for listening.

Mode 7 – 07/26/2015

The Requests Show!

We had a lot of really great requests tonight! Thank you so much for those!
Also, all of our backing music came from Mario Paint tonight! Good Music!


N ko – Groovy Cavery
N ko – xlnt grv
Anthony Seeha – New Adventure
Warp 5 Overdrive – Engage Lightspeed

Risk of Rain – Hailstorm
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles – Eternal Oath
Mega Man 3 – End Credits
Kingdom Hearts – Simple and Clean PLANITb Remix
Papers Please – Main Theme

Panzer Dragoon Saga – Water Ruins
The Sims – Buy Mode 1
Earthbound – Smiles and Tears
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Midna’s Lament

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in Time – Neon Night
Mega Man Legends – Flutter VS The Gesellschaft
Skullgirls – Medici Tower Stage

54-46 Playlist July 23rd 2015

The Toasters – I’m Running Right Through The World
Michael Franti & Spearhead – The Future
The Expendables – Jenny

Gregory Isaacs – Special Guest
John Holt – Police In Helicopter
The Specials – My Tears Come Falling Down Like Rain
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Real Situation

The Movement – Habit
Reel Big Fish – She’s Famous Now
10 Ft Ganja Plant – Too Much Gun A Bust
10 Ft Ganja Plant – Rooftop Duel

The Heptones – Dreadlock
Groundation – Wish Them Well
Passafire – Start From Scratch

Matisyahu – Fire of Heaven/Altar of Earth
Seeed – Riddim No 1