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Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase Impromptu Interview

Today at 2 PM we interviewed Brian Beattie, currently touring and supporting his new album “Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase”. As always, the interview can be heard on our two week archive.

Brian is playing tomorrow at 1 PM at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur. It’s a free show! Go see it!

Songs played from the album include:

Busy, Busy, Busy / Nothing is Something

Nobody Understands Me

Iron Skillet

Caliche Road

I was Sleeping

So Far Away

Ivy Falls Home

Mode7 (7-30-14)

Wander and Agro’s Last Joint Show of the Summer

I’m stealing Collin’s header setup!

We’re Legally Required to say You’re Beautiful

Sword & Sworcery  - The Maelstrom
Golden Sun – Final Confrontation
LOZ Twilight Princess – Temple of Time
Legend of Grimrock – Main Theme

Sorry Collin, Come Back to Us

Castle Crashers – Ninja Pirate Theme
Transistor – Gold Leaf
Tearaway – The Orchards
Pupeteer – Fire the long toms
Okami – Reset

Wander’s Ponderings

Sonic Adventure 2 – Live and Learn
Bastion – Build that Wall (Zia’s Theme)
Fallout New Vegas – Begin Again
MGS3 – Snake Eater

Making Our Last Quarter Count

Mega Man 9 – Tornado Man
Trine 2 – The Giant Dragon
Tokyo Jungle – Survival mode a5
Pokemon X&Y – Victory! Wild pokemon
Fez – Compass (Request)
Child of Light – Hymn of Light (Request)

Radiobomb for July 28th, 2014

Punk Will Never Die — Seis Pistos
We’ll Give It To You — Gang Green
Politiskt korrekt — Mob 47
Obliterate — Triple Threat
Something More — Triple Threat
The Blue Rose — These Arms Are Snakes
Trix — These Arms Are Snakes
Greed — Fugazi
Wrong Side of the Grave — The Accused
Psychomania — The Accused
Destro’s Secret — The Dillinger Escape Plan
The Running Board — The Dillinger Escape Plan
Inch by Inch — Botch
O Fortuna — Botch
TB Positive — Narrows
As I Look Into The Sky — Oathbreaker
Offer Aan De Leegte — Oathbreaker
Fair Warning — Negative Approach
Nothing — Negative Approach
Sailin’ On — Bad Brains
Don’t Need It — Bad Brains
Attitude — Bad Brains
The Regulator — Bad Brains

Goldsoundz – July 29, 2014

Shampoo – “Boys”
Flight – “Turns To Blood”
Matthew Squires and the Learning Disorders – “We Are Donkeys”

mood robot – “Singin’ Like I’m Crazy”
Deathcats – “Saturday Night Golden Retriever”
Zoo Brother – “Fourth Of July”

fat creeps – “secrets”
the dream scene – “let’s be dogs tonight”
jackson boone – “the moon in you”

kidkanevil – “inakunaru ft. phasma”
ex cops – “black soap”
chrome sparks – “losing u”

Sub Saharan Vibes July 28, 2014

Artist                                                        Song

  1. Sidi Touré                                                   L’eau : The Water
  2. Abdellah El Magana                                   Kassidat el Hakka (The Poem of Truth)
  3. Cheb i Sabbah                                           Sadats
  4. Ebo Taylor                                                  Kwame
  5. Mamadou Kelly                                          Nansongo
  6. Lucky Dube                                               Think About the Children
  7. Toure Kunda                                              Salya
  8. The Master Musicians of Jajouka              Jajouka Black Eyes
  9. Angelique Kidjo                                          Arouna
  10. Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba f/ Khairya Arby        Kele Magni
  11. Aura Msimang                                             Langa Mo
  12. Youssou N’dour                                          Xel (Think)