Kosher Noise Playlist 4/21/14

  • Ad She’Ein Yoter Le’an (Until There’s Nowhere Left) by Idan Raichel Project off the album Quarter to Six
  • The H Tune (Hava Nagila) by Abraham Inc.
  • Gachliliot (Fireflies) by Estar Shamir off the album Anana Presents: Music from Israel
  • Anim Zemiros
  • Shachor Lavan (Black and White) by Galya Yaron
  • Hasar Moshe Montefiori
  • Crossroads (feat. J. Ralph) Matisyahu off the album Spark Seeker
  • Hu Remix1 by Shotei Hanevu’a And Isabo off the album Mechapsim et Dorot (Looking for Dorot)
  • Bocha Lach (Crying to You)
  • Ha’im Lihyot Bach Me’ohav (To Be In Love With You)
  • Insanity Again
  • Rov Ha’Shaot by Idan Raichel Project off the album

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