Kosher Noise Playlist 1/27/14

  • Dudinkah       Arik Einstein w/ Sweedish Key      Sabress 3 – Israeli Music Compilation
  • Ani, Ata Vehoo      The Apples      Kings
  • One More Step       Adi Abraham, Uneek & Vulkan      Jenerous Skillz
  • Baleboste : A Beautiful Picture       Abraham Inc.      Tweet-Tweet
  • Hinei Mah Tov (Eeoohh!)      Mikey Pauker
  • Shirat Hastiker (Sticker Song) – שירת הסטיקר      Hadag Nachash (The Fish Snake) – הדג נחש      Homer Mekomi (Local Stuff) – חומר מקומי
  • Cocek      Guy Mendilow      Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom: Ladino Songs Renewed
  • Better Off      Haim      Days Are Gone
  • Warsaw Is Khelm     Golem     Fresh Off the Boat
  • For The Record     Electra      Second Hand Love
  • Chichi Bunichi     DeLeon     Casata

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