Goldsoundz – October 29, 2013 – Halloween Special

North American Halloween Prevention Initiative - “Do They Know It’s Hallowe’en?”
Wampire - “The Hearse”

Veronica Falls - “Found Love In A Graveyard”
Still Corners - “I Wrote in Blood”
Girls Names - “Falling” (Theme from the TV show Twin Peaks)

The Growlers - “Graveyard’s Full”
Richard Swift - “Zombie Boogie”
Mirah - “Special Death”

The Raveonettes - “Attack of the Ghost Riders”
Neutral Milk Hotel - “Spooky Sounds”
Grave Babies - “Blood”
The Microphones - “Universe”

The Poison Control Center - “Dracula’s Casket”
Wax Idols & Hanoi Janes - “Bat Cave”
Diarrhea Planet - “Ghost with a Boner!!!”

Antsy Pants - “Vampire”
Damien Jurado - “Caskets”

Andrew Jackson Jihad - “Alpha Rats Nest” (Mountain Goats cover)

Listen to the archive HERE!

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