Sub-Saharan Vibes – July 29, 2013

Artist                                                  Song

  1. Hugh Masekela                            Isikhokhiyana
  2. Malavoi                                         Mizi Matnik
  3. Bongos Ikwe & Double X           Ouno
  4. African Brothers                          Getty
  5. Tinariwen                                     Ahimana
  6. Johny Clegg & Savuka               Dela
  7. King Sunny Ade                          Adena Ike
  8. Orchestra Baobab                       Hommage A Tonton
  9. Ali Farka Toure                            Timbarma
  10. Pape & Cheikh                            Soni
  11. Damiel Owino Misiani & Shirati Band  Alice Atieno

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