Kosher Noise Playlist 8/5/13

  • Yaaleli       Describe & Y-Love     The Change EP
  • For The Record      Electra     Second Hand Love
  • Hafinali (The Finale)     Subliminal Ve Ha’Tzel     Ha’Or Ve Ha’Tzel
  • Ve’ha’er Eyenenu      Efi Netzer Singers      Beautiful Israel: 50 Great Israeli Folk-Songs
  • Tumbalalaika     Gevatron     Beautiful Israel: 50 Great Israeli Folk-Songs
  • Hatachana Hayeshana (The Old Station)     Teapacks      Kol Halhitim (All the Hits Collection)
  • Cocek     Guy Mendilow      Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom: Ladino Songs Renewed
  • Lotus – לוטוס     Hadag Nachash (The Fish Snake) – הדג נחש     Be’ezrat Ha’Jam (G-d Willing) – בעזרת הג’אם
  • An Old Love Song     Haparvarim     The First 30 Years
  • The New People     Ivri Lider – עברי לידר     The New People
  • Corps Etranger    Ishtar     The Voice Of Alabina

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