Kosher Noise Playlist 8/12/13

  • Be’er Basade     Jaffa Road     Sun Place
  • Ma Koreh     Kobi Peretz     Sabress 3 – Israeli Music Compilation
  • Abdul the Rabbi     4th Ward Afro Klezmer Orchestra
  • Rakevet Laila (Night Train)      Mashina (Machine)      G’virotai v’Rabotai (Ladies and Gentlemen): Mashina
  • Bam She Bam      Rikud – ריקוד      Camp Ramah Darom Rikud
  • On a Mission      Prodezra Beats
  • Basix     Nosson Zand      The Return
  • Mishtolelim Ba’kfar (Going Wild in the Village) – משתוללים בכפר      Shotei Ha’nevua (The Fools of Prophecy) – שוטי הנבואה       Shotei Ha’nevua (The Fools of Prophecy) – שוטי הנבואה
  • P’sach Lanu Sha’ar     The Sway Machinery
  • Work with DAT    Stepper, Lefty, Sagol 59 & De Cipher      Jenerous Skillz
  • Sunshine     Matisyahu     Spark Seeker
  • Rikudi Amba (Ammba Dance)     Teapacks     Kol Halhitim (All the Hits Collection)
  • Mohla     Tomer Yosef      Laughing Underground
  • Hashavti She’Yehiye Romanti (I Thought It Will Be Romantic)      Anana Presents: Music From Israel

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