Goldsoundz – July 9, 2013

Balkans - “Edita V”
Dressy Bessy - “Little TV”
Hot Panda - “Chinatown Bus”

Dead Ghosts - “That Old Feeling”
Veronica Falls - “My Heart Beats”
The Vandelles - “Lovely Weather”

Lemuria - “Brilliant Dancer”
Places To Hide - “October”
Terry Malts - “I Was Not There”

The Mountain Goats - “Boxcar” (Jawbreaker cover)
Jacuzzi Boys - “Double Vision”
Turf War - “The Great Escape”

Camera Obscura - “Troublemaker”
Mood Rings - “The Line”
Dusted - “All Comes Down”
Love L.U.V - “A Hundred Little Springs”

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - “Say No To Love”

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