Goldsoundz – June 18, 2013

Tigercats - “Easter Island”
Gap Dream - “Go Ahead” (The Squires cover)
O Tortuga - “Palma Linda”

Bass Drum Of Death - “Shattered Me”
The Tablets - “Tablets”
ampersand - “Now Here, Nowhere”

Bleeding Rainbow - “Oblivion”
Fat Creeps - “Dad Weed”
Small Reactions - “Michael J. Foxworthy”

Saturday Looks Good To Me - “Sunglasses”
Shannon And The Clams - “Into a Dream”
Cartoon Monster - “Nervousness Gift”

Grouper - “Living Room”
Scarlet Chives - “In A Ground Floor Apartment”
You Me & Us - “Swim or Sink”

The ACBs - “Record Store”
Fourth Of July - “Drinking Binge”

St. Vincent - “Bad Girls” (from Bob’s Burgers)

Listen to the archive HERE!

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