Goldsoundz – May 28th, 2013

Animal Collective - “Summertime Clothes”
Catnaps - “I Sat on the Edge of My Bed and I Sang You Velvet Underground Songs”
My Teenage Stride - “Creep Academy”

Mika Miko - “Jogging Song (He’s Your Mister)”
Happy Birthday - “2 Shy”
TV Girl - “Baby You Were There”
Radiation City - “Zombies”

The Clean - “Beatnik”
Whistle Peak - “Wings Won’t Behave”
FAWN - “No Wave”

Hop Along - “Kids On the Boardwalk”
The Coathangers - “Sicker”
The Blank Tapes - “Coast To Coast”
The Bats - “Treason”
Fear of Men - “Born”

Typhoon - “Dreams of Cannibalism”
Sunset Rubdown - “Apollo And The Buffalo And Anna Anna Anna Oh!”

Hot Spa - “Kiola Beach”

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