Shillelagh Law – April 15th

  • Tell Me Ma – Fighting Jamesons
  • Galway Bay/ The Drunken Sailor – Kevin Burke and Nicolas Quemener
  • Honeyed Cat – Brongaene Griffein with Gerry O’Beirne and Kevin Burke
  • Black and Tans – Scythian
  • Big Strong Man – Blaggards
  • Here’s a Health to the Company
  • Rosin the Beau – 2nd South Carolina String Band
  • Pipe Set – Seven Nations
  • An Dro – Omnia
  • Johnny Going to Ceilidh/ The Gossoon – Cathal McConnell
  • The Whistlin’ Gypsy – Seamus Kennedy
  • Amazing Grace – Great Big Sea
  • The Chemical Worker’s Song – Great Big Sea
  • Peggy Gordon – Corries

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