Kosher Noise Playlist 4/1/13 Passover Edition (again)


  • The Plagues     Ralph Fiennes/Amick Byram     The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack
  • When You Believe     Michelle Pfeiffer/Sally Dworsky      The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack
  • Go Down Moses    Saul Kaye     Craig Taubman’s Passover Songs for Red Sea Pedestrians
  • Exodus 5 (Know My Name)     Matt Bar     The Bible Raps Project
  • Passover Music    Jewsic from Ramat Beit Shemesh
  • 20 Things To Do With Matzah
  • The 10 Plagues (The Days of 10 Plagues)     Matt Bar     The Bible Raps Project
  • P-A-S-S-O-V-E-R    Six13
  • Dayenu, Coming Home      The Fountainheads
  • Kuvilanah Al Mefilagah (Complaint About Parties in Israel) – קובלנה על מפלגות ישראל    Hadag Nachash (The Fish Snake) – הדג נחש     Awakening
  • Anana      Teapacks      Kol Halhitim (All the Hits Collection)
  • Les Miserables – Passover     Maccabeats
  • Sirens (San Diego)    Electra     Second Hand Love

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