April Psych-Out Playlists

April 17, 2013
(hosted by Curtis)

  1. Double Leopards – Meadow Phantasm (Soulless Dust, Speed and Strength)
  2. Gong – Rational Anthem (Magick Brother)
  3. Psychic Ills – Electric Life (Dins)
  4. Zé Ramalho & Lula Côrtes – Trilha de Sumé (Paêbirú)
  5. Cul De Sac – Bamboo Rockets, Half Lost in Nothingness, Searching for an Inch of Sky (Death of the Sun)
  6. Hototogisu – By the Sea (The White Wind of Autumn)
  7. Taj Mahal Travellers – Oz Days 5 (Oz Days bootleg w/Les Rallizes Dénudés)

April 10, 2013
(hosted by Corey)

  1. Atomic Simao – Asteroid Masterpeace (Nodo)
  2. Net Shaker – Outsides/Up (I’m So Cold)
  3. Overhang Party – My Blue Heaven (Complete Studio Recordings)
  4. Darsombra – Thunder Thighs (Climax Community)
  5. High Rise – Cotton Top (II)
  6. Föllakzoid – Rio (II)

April 3, 2013
(hosted by Curtis)

  1. T.G. Olson – XXIII (The Complete Blood Meridian for Electric Drone Guitar)
  2. Far East Family Band – Metempsychosis (Parallel World)
  3. Ensemble Pearl – Painting on a Corpse (s/t)
  4. Pärson Sound – Skrubba (s/t)

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