Sub-Saharan Vibes 3/18/2013

Artists                                                                                   Song

  1. Hugh Masekela                                                          Minawa
  2. Tama                                                                          Nostalgie
  3. Amadou & Miriam                                                      Ce n’est pas bon
  4. Bongos Ikwue & Double X                                         City Woman
  5. Cesaria Evora                                                            Petit Pays
  6. Ali Farka Toure                                                           Savane
  7. Hugh Masekela                                                           Ha Lese Le Di Khanna
  8. Lura                                                                            M’bem di fora
  9. I.K. Dairo                                                                    Salome
  10. Tarika                                                                          Ragoaika
  11. Soweto Gospel Choir                                                 Malaika

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