New Forces – Garage Bands Special 3/5/2013

The Sound Extraction – “I Feel Like Crying”
The Passions – “Lively One”
The Todes – “137 Grooves Below Zero”
The Enchanters 4 – “Like Tuff”
Spyder & The Mustangs – “So Long Child”
The Galaboochees – “I’ll Never Work Out”
Wee & The Revelations – “Somebody to Love”
Rollin’ Ramsaxes – “You’ve Hurt Me So”
The Cedars – “I Don’t Know Why”
The Syn – “Flowerman”
Sounds Incorporated – “William Tell”
The Vy-dels – “Unknown”
The Vistas – “Ghost Wave”
The Breakers – “Jet Stream”
Wild Giraffes – “New Era”
The Dirty Shames – “I Don’t Care”
The Levis – “Hear What I Say”
The Monks – “Drugs In My Pocket”
The Traits – “Nobody Loves The Hulk”
The Wooly Ones – “Put Her Down”
Cyclones – “She’s No Good”
The X-Ray Harpoons – “Phantom On My Mind”


  1. This didn’t really air, did it? It sounds like the 12/18/12 playlist.

    Comment by Chris C. on March 2, 2013 at 3:59 PM
  2. OK, no response, but I see the post was pulled, and then resubmitted when the show aired on March 5th. Thanks :)

    Great show!

    Comment by Chris C. on March 12, 2013 at 11:48 PM

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