50 LBS of Rice 03/25/2013

1. Don’t Sleep In(不要睡懒觉) by Sulong Wang(汪苏泷)

2. Jian Ai(剪爱) by Qishan Huang(黄绮珊)

3. Shame on Me(无地自容) by Xiao’ou Zhou(周晓鸥)

4. Blue Little Flower by Yoyoma

5. Your Eyes(你的眼神) by Zhixuan Lin(林志炫)

6. Desert Capriccoio

7. Xiang Jian Hen Wan(相见恨晚) by Jaihui Peng(彭佳慧)

8. Moon over Guan Mountain

9. Mido Mountain

10. Far(远) by Xing Xin(辛欣)

11. White Snow in Sunny Spring off <Classics of Pipa>

12. Come Back(你快回来) by Baoliang Sha(沙宝亮)

13. Zi Zhu Diao

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